What is your opinion of the "cry it out" method?

I had seen a lady post yesterday about how she was trying the Crying It Out Method. I’m just curious as to what ya’ll think about it and would you do it. I personally have never used this method and would never consider it.

The crying it out method is the appraoch of letting a child cry themselves or calm themselves to sleep at night.

What do you think?

Answer #1

I think 2 or 3 is a good age to start the Crying out method

Answer #2

my parents did it with all 5 of us. I think we turned out pretty well for the most part. I will do it with my kids too, but only when they are closer to a year old…I think its wrong to leave a 6 or 8 month old in bed crying.

Answer #3

As long as you know the baby is fed and properly cared for, I think it’s fine at any age. It would be wise to check on the baby from time to time, to make sure there’s no serious problem.

Answer #4

babygirl if that’s the case - I hope you never have a child.

Answer #5

ok I think that some children are going to throw a fit when they go to bed. Now there is a fine line to letting your kids cry for a little bit and letting it get out of hand. I think that you should let a child cry for at the most 10 mins and if they dont calm down then try another form of getting them to sleep!

Answer #6

when its a baby, like an infant who cant talk, there probably crying for a reason, they need there mother most likely, when they get older and can talk about why there crying, then I would let them.

Answer #7

Haha, I didn’t even remember who posted it. I know plenty of mother’s who do this method - although they wait until the child is 1-2 years old to do it.

Good luck with you son though - hopefully he’ll be sleeping better soon.

Answer #8

Allright, but what age do you find appropriate for the cry it out method then?

Answer #9

I think if a child hurts himself, you should comfort him. If a child is crying because he isn’t getting what he wants–including a situation where he doesn’t want to go to bed–he shouldn’t be comforted.

Answer #10

I think that it depends on what age the child is. my mother used to do it with my sister from about the age of 3 and it worked really well. (she use to through these really bad tantrums and by ignoring her it taught her that if she wants something she should ask nicely). Personally I wouldn’t do it to my children if I ever have any, but I don’t see something really badly wrong with it as long as the child is over 2 years of age.

Answer #11

thats funny I was thee lady that wrote that! And know from personal experience I will NEVER do this method! it’s horiable! I felt as if I was negeckting my son. maybe if the kid is 1 or 2 and he/she is still not sleeping on their own do it, but some kids just teach themselves how to comfort themselves. And yesterday when I tried doing the cry it out method now everytime when he wakes up instad of fussing he screams as if he thinks im not coming in there to comfort him and its extreamly sad:( ITS HORRIBLE!

Answer #12

Well I have watched nanny 911 and she uses it.

Answer #13

Hope this helps - I don’t have any first-hand knowledge but here’s an interesting article by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board on the subject: http://www.babycenter.com/0_baby-sleep-training-cry-it-out-methods_1497112.bc

Answer #14

I don’t agree with it when it comes to babies…My number one reason is the fact that hearing my BABY cry for me makes me feel horrible! Second, I feel that this method makes for a clingy child in the future…I’ve seen it happen first hand with my nephew! My sister did it with him, and during the day he refused to leave her side. He followed her everywhere and when it came to her having to leave him with a sitter, he would throw another crying fit for mommy.

I think showing your baby that you’re there is what helps them be more independent because they know you will be there when they need you. And even though they can’t see you, they know you’ll be back. I agree that a child should sleep in their own room, in their own bed and also be able to calm themselves to sleep on their own, but a parent needs to help them with the routine. Put the baby in their crib and stand beside them to calm them from crying…don’t just let them lay there and think your not coming back because you’re out of sight (as babies/infants, it’s normally a separation anxiety thing that causes the fuss at bedtime).

I only agree with this method when a child is old enough to understand what bedtime is (3 or 4+) and they only throw fits to test their parents! At that age, I feel you should put your foot down and let them cry it out…Eventually they will realize that crying isn’t going to get them anywhere and they will give up on it in a week or so. And they will know you’re in charge, not the crying! Also, at that age they understand what “I’ll see you in the morning when you wake up” means…infants can’t comprehend that at all!

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