Do you have a "crush" on anyone on this site?

Answer #1

I have one on all the beautiful girls :O

Answer #2

oooo playa playa haha ;) jkjk

Answer #3

onemandog is trying to get confessions out lol, well dont people on this site like date each other like long distance? i always said fun advice had the cutest people but i dont know if my feelings go beyond that opinion

Answer #4

Just alittle bored right now it’s pouring the rain outside.

Answer #5

here in ny it is raining hard too but i still went out anyway ;p

Answer #6

nope not really….. but some people have a crush on me :P

Answer #7

Right me too when I had too. The weekend was hot 90’s and I burnt up working around the house but got alot done. FYI : Just one inch of rain equals 27,044 gallons of water to an acre of land or 6/10 of a gallon per sq. ft.

Answer #8

No one will ever say :o hehe

Answer #9

Like two people haha but im not saying, but one is in the usa the other is british :p

Answer #10

yupp even though i dont know the guy but i still like his personality

Answer #11

well that stefie girl is pretty cute ;)

Answer #12


Answer #13

ummm maybe;)

Answer #14

Niether will I.

Answer #15

Nope, I can’t crush on someone I’ve never met or don’t know personally.

Answer #16

I did on this one guy…we ended up becoming really close and texting and talking about everything. But, then I got a boyfriend and we drifted :/ Also, I STILL have a HUGE crush on Tyler…he’s so freakin’ cute… I wish he wasn’t so far away :/

Answer #17


Answer #18

Nah I got my crush already hes my BF =D

Answer #19
Answer #20

I have a thing for smart people if that counts

Answer #21

Everyone’s too young for me :P But either way could never “date” someone that I can’t see in person or hasn’t seen…

Answer #22

Same here way to young except for just a few. I thought this would be a fun question to ask.

Answer #23

I’d say everything counts. No rules.

Answer #24

it was a good question. look how many different responses it got. is a stimulating virtual conversation the equivalent to going out for coffee these days?

Answer #25

except for the guy who said he thinks his daughter has a crush on him. that was really creepy, don’t you think? ewww!

Answer #26

I don’t really look for anyone I like on here as much x) Some of them are either older or younger.

Answer #27

Poople who think that way are sick

Answer #28

Or something,

Answer #29

I’m in live with fairygirl.

Answer #30

Only on like 2 people!(: And they will never know lol

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