What's it like to go on a cruise?

I want to go sooo bad!!…

Answer #1

Well it’s really fun for me :D Depends on the person’s opinion :P

Answer #2

Ive never been on one but ive heard they are fun !

Answer #3

I went on a cruise and it was ok. I went on a 7 day Carnival cruise to Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Camen. We were at each of the destinations one day so the only things we had time to do were the inclusive excursions sold by the cruise line so it was all touristy stuff. If you are at places 3 days on a 7 day cruise that means you are at sea 4 days. When you are at sea there are shows but I thought most of them were corny. There is all the food you want; all of it was pretty good but nothing was great. There is drinking and gaming but remember alcohol isn’t included and is extra and drinks are very expensive so partying can add up fast. We paid extra for a balcony stateroom and being next to a family were were traveling with we were able to have the outside divider removed and enjoy sitting on a shared balcony which was nice and definitely worth it. I had a good time but I’m not in a hurry to do it again. On the ship I talked with people who had been on over 10 cruises and they loved it. They say there are people who are cruise people and people who are not cruise people. I’d say I’m the later rather than the former.

Answer #4

It’s like a small city on the ship! So much to do, it’s unreal they could fit everything on this ship. Even a mall on them.

Answer #5

I went on a Caribbean cruise when I was like 9ish. It didn’t really have THAT much things to do for my age group, but my older siblings went to a teen club and they basically all hung out the whole time. I remember getting really jealous of them because my parents put me in this program where kids my age could stay for part of the day haha, and I hated it. But, there was a pool on the ship that I spent a lot of time in, which was fun. From what I remember, the food was pretty good, too. I also really enjoyed the stops. The weather was amazing, and the beaches were all very beautiful. It’s a nice idea for a vacation, I think. I just wish I could have went at an older age.

Answer #6

Over-rated to be honest. Granted being on a cruiseship the first time is an eye opener but unless you can afford a room with your own baloney it is pretty boring inside your own cabin. On any cruises you get unlimited food except the fancier restaurants you might only get one pass per dining in the nicer restaurants and if you want to eat there more the free pass, you will have to pay. There are lots of activities for the kids during the trip but not much else for the adults unless you enjoy drinking lots of alcohol and laying around in the sun or visiting their onboard casio. The cruiseship I went on was Leo Superstar from Sydney to Honk Kong and it was great being able to watch movies late at night in the cruise’s theatre and since security is so thigh, it was pretty safe for kids to roam around in groups at night. The great thing about cruising is you get to get off and visit other countries at are within the cruise’s route. You have to pay for these visitation rights and also pay for visa to get into the country.

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