Crotch Rockets ?

Ok I’ve been wanting a crotch rocket for a long time now and this weekend got to really ride one and just fell in love!! I REALLY REALLY want one but have no idea how to ride one. I’ve got lots of oeople who can teach me but.. is it a good idea to learn on my bike when I get one? is it hard to learn to ride?? please answer

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Well I wouldn’t start with a sport bike unless you plan on starting on something like a Ninja 250 or 500, I think whatever you get for a first bike should be a 500 or less, fairly light weight, not to much power, not to short a wheel base, and with a very low seat height.

Also look into taking a MSF basic beginner riding course, they will teach you the basics of how to ride on someone else’s bike. The only problem I have with sport bikes, is the majority of them on the road today can vastly out ride the rider on them, which means they give the rider a false sense of confidence to go faster than they are trully capable enough to safely do. Also the short wheel base has a tendancy to pop wheelies on a lot of the higher powered models, which isn’t a big deal if your an experienced rider, but a new rider will panic.

When I fist started riding I used to want a sport bike, I started out on a 500cc cruiser that had a 6 speed transmission, and I personally have seen 110mph on it. Well long story short I was a new rider, first year, I felt invincible, then one day doing 60mph in a 50mph, a deer jumped out right in front of me, I hit it head on, lock up both wheels, broke every bone in my right hand, and I have chronic pain in my left foot. Hitting the breaks at that speed was the wrong move, but it was the only move I had the skill for, Today I would have dropped two gears leaned the bike right into the pavement and swerved around that dear before he could ever even make it to the white line. But it took years to gain the confidence to swerve a bike that hard that fast. Today I ride a Harley Sportster 883r, its not the fastest thing in the world, but most of my friends on sport bike bikes have a hard time keeping up with me, and I am well above the legal speed limits, even on the interstate. They have a hard time keeping up because they never learned how to ride, there bikes should be far faster than mine. The deer humbled me, and got me to take training course, and practice cone courses, All I am saying is don’t buy to much bike for your skill, you can have fun on any bike if you get over your ego. Hell I rode my sisters Rebel 250 for 80 miles the other day, and around town it is pretty peppy if you keep her on boil, plus the bike doesn’t weigh anything which made it loads of fun in the turns, the lack of power meant I didn’t want to slow down for anything which I didn’t have to so it was fun. I am 5’11” tall and 192lbs, which is a bit much for that bike.

Have fun with whatever you get, and please get a full face helmet, saved my face years ago.

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Well im mostly asking the guys

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I don’t even know what you mean, but like youtube could probs help you

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what’s a crotch rocket

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