Creative house/room ideas.:D

So, when my mom gets Loans to add-on to our house, I’m getting the WHOLE 2nd floor. :] I’m going to have a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and of course living room.

And I want them to be bright colors, or colorful instead of dull. [:

Any room ideas? Bathroom Bedroom Living Room Kitchen

Help with anyone of those would be wonderful.<3

Answer #1

NO 13 year old kid needs the whole second floor of a house and needs a kitchen/bathroon ect just for herself not even celebrity kids get or need those things I really dont think this is a real question

Answer #2

my mum isnt pulling my leg. and all I really asked for is some room designs. :P

and if I dont get the 2nd floor, she will. so if I dont get the 2nd floor, what would be a good room idea, for my room?

and the question is: what colors, funiture, etc.

Answer #3

im prob. going to keep my old room. and that’s going to be a guest room.

and, ‘stay skinny’ uh…? okay then.

so thanks jazlovestoskate for the advice.

Answer #4

^^^ I really dont think thats a real answer either (top one)

is your mom rich or something???!!!

I dont think you need a kitchen shoot for a small fridge and a microwave cause I dont think you cook for yourself??? and get like bright colored bean bag chairs for your living room ummm go for less bright in the bathroom probably oh blue makes you less hungry so maybe in the kitchen??? stay skinny :) its your place so theres just some ideas! make it a fun place for your friends to hang! good luck!

Answer #5

I think your Mum is pulling your leg. I doubt it’s going to happen. Why would your mum take out $50,000-$100,000 loan just to build an extension that is pretty much just so you can have the WHOLE 2nd floor, she wouldn’t, unless she is financially irresponsible, and loves being in debt. So, sorry, but it’s not going to happen.Your Mum’s just having a joke at your expense

Answer #6

well jackie_ob, was your answer real? and yes, I gave a real answer no kid needs the second story of a house especially a 13 year old and no kid needs a kitchen/bathroom ect fr herself either if you had a 13 year old child would YOU thnk its appropiate for her to have half the house and a kitchen/bathroom if your a real person then definantly not and what kind of advice is “stay skinny” anyway

Answer #7


Answer #8

your welcome :]

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