Why are customers so rude?

i work at arby’s and some people that walk in there treat us like were retards. we could be collecting benefits and such from the government, but we choose to make our own money. and its crap money for what we have to deal with. why don’t people understand that its the hardest job dealing with the common public?

Answer #1

because most customers think your their to serve them and their always right. they just want to get in, get when they came for and get out as quickly as possible. some poeple just dont care about other peoples feelings and a lot of the time its people who down work and dont understand how hard dealing with people can be. i work in the hospitality industry and have had my share of rude customers. but at the end of the day, you just have to forget about hose people, because they mean nothing to you

Answer #2

My theory is that when people have really bad days, they take it out on someone they don’t know because it’s easier than getting angry at their family/frineds/themselves. I’m used to it all the time, especially since I work the counter that handles refunds and bad customer service, etc. Of course, some people may just be rude people by nature, but the majority of the time I try and give people the benefit of the doubt. Just forget about them-more than likely it’s not personal, and you only have to deal with them for a short amount of time. Focus on the nice people who come in and make you smile :)

Answer #3

yeah defiantly i try. and understand that there always right, but what they need to understand is somethings we can’t help if our sandwitch maker hasn’t made the it yet or the prices we don’t control, but they complain to us as if we do. one you learn to do is appreciate the nice people and go out of your way to please those.

Answer #4

i agree with you on that, and as the rude customers leave i always make sure to say have a wonderful day. haha

Answer #5

i know, the truth is there not always right, but if your working with them you have to go by that motto, because your trying to make money and want them to buy soemthing. you just kind of have to smile and be polite, no matter how angry or stupid they can be

Answer #6

not all are rude ive met alot of people who have actually made me feel like the smartest person out haha but it all depends on the person

Answer #7

Tell me about it I work at the airport for Delta Airlines and if their flight gets cancelled or delayed…its obv my fault. and if there are thunderstorms and the plane can’t fly it’s my fault. and they still wanna get there some way like theres a plane thats going to fly through that for them, and there ok with flying in that!!!!! it’s crazy… sorry a minor rant..

Answer #8

I have worked at a pizza place for over 2 1/2 years now, so I know what you mean about ridiculous customers. I think it has something to do with the fact that we are serving them, so in their minds, we are second-class citizens. I’m really sick of it, and I don’t know how much more I can take haha. A customer actually asked someone I work with if I’m slow because I didn’t call her back when we got more beef in, It’s a long, stupid stoy. Anyway, I think I’ve said this before on here, but if were possible, I would love for everyone to be recquired to work at least 6 months in the food industry. That way they’d know how bad it is to be paid so little and have to deal with so much bs. I’ve never, ever done anything to someone’s food, but I have thought about it. People just don’t realize that they shouldn’t mess with the people who make their food.

Answer #9

cause…their mentality is develop in a way to discriminate you……they think they can do whatever they like just because they are customers…

Answer #10

they just need some sleep, usually peoples dont like go shoping and want to buy their wanted thing as fast as they want, and then they become stressfull. Busy peoples een fight and use swear words :D thats our nature ^^

Answer #11

I work as a server and i couldn’t agree more. Some people you just can’t please no matter what you do. So i’ve learned that they can just sit in their unhappiness and rot. but be as nice as possible to get a good tip! WATCH THE MOVIE, WAITING…. (it’s really funny)

Answer #12

it really does, i have had a guy almost put me tears cuz he just started yelling at me because i thought he wanted to replace his fries with the side order he got, i apologized and gave him fries for free and he still kept yelling. and i have had people were sweet as can be and polite that made my day. haha

Answer #13

loved that movie and thats not all how it should be though, i would never even to my worst enemy spit in there food thats disgusting

Answer #14

I’ve had more problems with customers in retail than in restaurants. In restaurants you can give the customer their money back, comp their meal, then if they still aren’t happy just ask them to leave. In retail you almost adopt your customers because in their mind you owe them for buying something and it is too expensive to refund willy-nilly when selling expensive merchandise.

Answer #15

i know right, i have had a lady order straight fries and i forgot to take them out to her so i refunded her and she had cheese with them which i already gave to her and she used and she wanted refunded for a 38 cent cup of cheese because she didn’t get her fries haha i was like really lady.

Answer #16

Well, you see, when someone is paying you to provide them with a good or service they want to get their money’s worth because hey, guess what, they work their asses off for money too, or at least a lot of them do, so they dont want you f*cking anything up or making anything the wrong way because they’re paying you to do it right, they dont need to be an ass about it, but they want to have a good time if that good time is on their dime.

Answer #17

haha i feel bad your job sounds way harder than mine i should even be aloud to complain about mine. i’m sure people are way more irate when they can’t get on a plane than when they don’t get hot fries

Answer #18

i agress poor service sucks ass and it happens to me all the time. they always mess my order up. but people make mistakes and regardless to weather they are paying for my service i am still human.

Answer #19

I have worked at a burgerking too, don’t get me wrong people get nasty when they are hungry aldso lol

Answer #20

haha i know you would think it was a life or death sitatuion

Answer #21

I have no idea why. I used to work in retail and it is surprising how rude people can be for no apparent reason and then you just have to suck it up. I was treated like I was stupid some days. But you know what’s positive about it, I never EVER give anyone working in that type of position a hard time because I know what it feels like.

Answer #22

Yeah, my manager was talking to me about, it sounds pretty funny. I’ll have to find it on Netflix or something.

Answer #23

it has ryan Reynolds and dane cook into its very funny you’ll most defiantly enjoy it =)

Answer #24

I also have rude customers. I think it’s people not thinking about that they talk to a person. They just see you as a part of the interior of the market/ institution/ restaurant/ whatever. And that’s the way to deal with it. They are rude to your place, not to you.

I repair computers and I have been working in an office. I experienced that people I know, people who I like, people who I go to lunch with have been incredibly rude. Because they are in a hurry and their computer doesn’t do what they expect it to do. And then they see you as a part of their problem. They don’t even notice it if you don’t tell them. I always shrugged it of that way. They hated their computer, not me.

Answer #25

if they hate arby’s so much, are fully aware before coming in that are prices are kinda high, were a fast food restruant but we drop our stuff in the fryer as they are ordered so its hot and our sandwhich makers take to time to make them so there not sloppy. If its sloppy and cold food they want they can go down the street to mcdonalds.

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