What are some cool things to do with a scarf?

I am two levels under popular. I want to be popular. Make up tricks and dressing tips could help too.

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two levels under popular? wow you take this seriously

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Woah. You seriously need to chill. Stop worrying so much about what level of "popular" you are, in a couple of years those people you go to school with won't matter and being popular isn't going to get you anywhere in life.

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Let me tell you this, in a few years you will see how silly it is to worry about things like being popular. Not to mention you'll be much happier not worrying about such inane things.

things to do with a scarf
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The best thing you can wear is a smile. Keep your chin up and ACT CONFIDENT. Its not all about looks, its how you act. If you feel pretty you will be more confident. If your shy, work on that. Look up makeup tutorials on youtube like the ones from michelle phan. And dress how the pretty girls at your school dress.

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