Picture: creepy or cool??

What do you think of this??
Do you think it's creepy or cool??
The woman pierced her back and put a lace-like thing through it.
I think it's cool with a dash of extreme.

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looks interesting. but don't get why anyone would do that? maybe if your boyfriend has some sort of weird fetish??

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Those piercings are so popular right now. I can't even count the number of women that came in and got them done at our shop.

Although, we had a lot of women that had problems with them getting ripped out also because of their shirts getting caught on them.

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They look cool but theres kind of no point there goign to get caught in your shirts and you have to remove the lace everyime you take a shower I think that ouldnt be a permanent cute peircing but it does look cool.

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extremely creepy

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Its cool and creepy at the same time=0

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Creepy. Why would a person do that?

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CREEPY...I'dd nevaa doo thattt...

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odd :)

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I don't see the picture, but my back hurts now. :/ lol
When I was getting my tattoo done, a girl came in to get those... wow..

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