What are some cool things to do in amsterdam, other than going to the cafes?

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all of the little shops, sight seeing, the food there is so nice...i went there for a mini vacation and it was lovely.

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smoking weed leagaly xD jk i dnt smoke week and im sure a pretty girl like u dont either hehehe...

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Ann Franks' house is great and there is a Zoo there too. Also just getting on and off the trams and taking pictures of the beautiful buildings is something worth doing. :)

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Smoke weed?!?!?! legal prostitution too haha

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what kind of food do they have there, and what sights do they have to see?

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I think thats what she means by the cafes - she asked for something OTHER than that

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again, thats what you do at the cafes mentioned...

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Hahaha, I definately intend on smoking weed in amsterdam. Everyone knows thats the main point of going to amsterdam. I was just wondering what else they have to do there.

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