How can I cook with less fat?

What are your favorite cooking substitutions (that work)? I love learning about other people’s little cooking secrets and always trying to make my cooking healthier. Thanks!

Answer #1

If you have a good non stick pan you can cook almost anything with out adding fat, that would be the best way to lighten up your cooking. Unfortunately, cooking without fat lessens the flavors. Fat is natural flavor inhancer and certain kinds of fat are good for your body in moderation. A little olive oil will really inhance the flavor and is good for you (remember in moderation).

Other ways of cooking lower fat is to add a little water to the pan. It helps things from sticking (non-stick pan works better). Spray fats like Pam can help if you use them sparingly. They are a fat so if you use a lot you are still adding fat. In cakes and baking you can cut the fat by adding applesauce or water instead of the eggs. Each egg would be the equivalent of 1/4 cup of water or applesauce.

You shouldn’t cut out fat completely from your diet because it something your body needs to function not to mention it helps you feel full and helps in a slower digestion of carbohydrates. Certain fats are healthy, but shoud still be used in moderation. If everyone just remembered to eat and do things in moderation they would be happier and healthier.

Answer #2

The olive oil one is a good tip, and also using a non stick pan regularly. I cook eggs with no oil, butter, or margarine, and they taste great.

However, with a regular pan, the food would stick too much, so get a non stick pan & you can definitely cut down on some of the fat & oil in your diet.

Answer #3

Try grilling or a george foreman grill and if you do need to coat anything with oil, use a little virgin olive oil but use a brush so that usage is minimal.

I’ve also got a steamer, you use no salt on your vegetables and they taste sooo much better.

Answer #4

You are great. and i must say intelegent also. Because cooking with less fat is good for your heart. Nowadays most of the people at their older age suffering from heart deases coocking with less fat items will definitely help you fighting heart deseases. wish you a good and long life.

Answer #5
  • Fat-spray when pan-frying
  • Electric low-fat grills (tilted heating plate to separate the fat) Also, when buying a grill, you should make sure that the heating plate is removable so you can wash it easily.
  • Start to cook traditionally japanese (costs lots of money outside of Japan, but is mostly cooking, steaming and grilling)
  • Remove processed meats like wieners, spam, etc
  • Make your sauces based on water and cornstarch
Answer #6

I’ve never tried this and I don’t know if this actually works, but I’ve heard that if you’re making a cake, you can substitute the vegetable oil for applesauce and it will taste the same…it’s just a whole lot healthier. But I’ve never tried it, so…try it at your own risk. =P

Answer #7

use, “I can’t believe its not butter!” instead of butter!! then you never feel guilty!

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