How can I try to control my attitude in school towards my teachers to not get in trouble anymore?

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Any tips ??

Answer #2

Why did you get in trouble? Did you get angry because of something? Did something seem unfair to you? Or were you just doing nonsense out of boredom? Do you lack respect? If so why? Do the teachers or some teachers not seem respectable to you? If so, why? What made you act wrong last time? How could you have done better?

Ponder about what went wrong last time and then try to do better next time. If you have any problems, anything that made you mad, any teacher who you disrespect for any obvious reason, anything that would make it easier for you to behave well, maybe you can get one of the teachers or a guidance counsellor to talk to you in a calm minute. Maybe it can be changed. Or if you understand them better, you could rethink your actions next time.

I used to have a teacher who was choleric. He was always yelling at everyone for no reason, yet he made a totally helpless impression to me and my fellow students. So no one liked him and no one really had respect for him. We just sabotaged his lesson whenever we could and made as much nonsense as was possible. Then one of us talked to another teacher and she said that this man had used to be a good teacher some years ago, until he lost his family in a car crash. After that he had developed a severe alcohol problem and now he was just trying to get through the last couple of years before retirement. After we all knew that, we stopped making fun of the man. He was still a confused, helpless teacher with an attitude problem and no plan whatsoever, but he seemed much more likable.

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thank you soo much for your advice and wow that is very depressing story about him losing his family :(

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Yea, I thought so too. Before we knew, he never liked that teacher. I mean, he was just a complete fail in the classroom. But that story shows how important it is to see the teacher as as a real person. Not just a guy on the blackboard trying to get on your nerves. They have problems and feelings too. Just remember that. It may be their job to get along with erratic kids in puberty but that isn’t always easy for them.

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Just take a mature turn. Realize life isnt as bad as you think it is. Life gets harder after highschool, and teachers are doing there jobs. Life is too short to be angry and un happy and take everything everyone says to heart. If you put out negative energy you will only get it in return. Its called social karma. Teachers dont have it out for students, I am even friends with teachers. I am only 20 and I can tell you from experiance that it gets so much harder. Try being a full time nanny for your entire 3 months of summer vacation since you were 14, taking on responsibility of being “mom”, caring for others. You realize there is a lot more to life than giving someone an attitude. Its probably hormones too, so you are probably a little snippy. But if you actually see how you are acting, if you are one who has outbursts and argues and snaps all the time, you will see how truely immature you are being. The world is a dark place and sometimes you have to go it alone, but when people try to push you in a good direction dont push them away, because some day you will thank them. You should dig deep into yourself for this one. This is about taking a big step in life, because you will have to do many MANY more things in life that you wont want to do or disagree with… but you will have to.

Answer #6

Talk less, listen more :-)

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yea I understand

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:)lml thanks

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thank you so much :)

Answer #10

no prob. dont think I assume you are immature, its just I used to be very snooty and attitude like with my parents, and then it started on my teachers… But then once my brother (2 years younger) started getting to that phase I could see how he was acting and how bad and uncalled for it was, and I realized I was doing the same thing, if not worse! So I decided to take a turn and make myself a good role model for him. That made my parents and I closer and they told me a lot I never thought about, like how hard life really is, and it is. Just enjoy life while its here and enjoy it with those you love and care about. if someone makes you angry or irritated or you just dont like them, just dont waste your time and energy on them, and use it on someone who would appreciate it, like family and friends.

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