Which continent would you move to if you could no longer live in North America?

Answer #1

Hi…Iam from Europe and i definately would move on America..i love America…!!

Answer #2

Asia…. i love india <3

Answer #3

Idk I’d say asia in japan cuz I’m from there so I hane family there so that’s my awncer

Answer #4

what about america do you love? lol

Answer #5

I would live in Europe

Answer #6

I’d move to Europe . Live in Paris (:

Answer #7

Nice Paris is beatuiful.

Answer #8

Ireland. Go back to my Grands home land.

Answer #9

Asia~ I love the whole culture of Asia. To me, it’s the most unique and I’d love to experience it.

Answer #10

I love how people are in america in general..i love their culture their way of living their food the beautiful cities..my mom used to be in San Francisco California for 18 years and she tells me about this place like all the time…..!!

Answer #11

Oh really, over here is such a sight to see especially in South Dakota.

Answer #12

Asia. Everything about it is amazing. The food, the culture, the history, everything. AMAZING

Answer #13

i would love to move to italy n start a mafia or in russia russian girls are beautifull n so are italians lol

Answer #14


Answer #15

I don’t live in America so I’d stay right where I am now. Aussie!! <3

Answer #16

i live in Egypt but i’d love to go to Europe :) Or Australia ^^

Answer #17

Italy seems like a nice place to live. I’m not completely sure about LIVING in Russia, but I would definitely love to visit Russia in the future.

Answer #18

I’ve never really ever wanted to travel down to Australia, but I’m starting to grow on the idea. :)

Answer #19

Do you have a specific part of Asia you would like to live in?

Answer #20

Do you have a specific part of Asia you would like to live in?

Answer #21

Do you have specific part of Asia you would like to live in?

Answer #22

Japan. Definitely

Answer #23

I’ve always wanted to travel to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, and other attractions in France in general.

Answer #24

I’ve wanted to visit Ireland and Scottland to compare them for some strange reason.

Answer #25

Is there specific part of Europe you would like to live in?

Answer #26

I have a weird of obsession with Japan. I just think Japan is the most interesting out of all the other places. If Japan were no longer apart of Asia. I’d probably check out Vietnam.

Answer #27

continent: Europe Country: Spain City: Barcelona Why: Cause i’m a barca fc fan

Answer #28

Vietnam I guess, all my relatives and family members are… Or maybe go to China.

Answer #29

It’s a beautiful place once you get past the stereotype that we’re all drunken kangaroo riders. ;)

Answer #30

Boy, am I gonna sound really dumb right now. I forgot all about Spain. It seems like a beautiful place to live.

Answer #31

Oh cool

Answer #32

i’d also like to go to Kashmir heard its really beautiful. but wouldn’t wanna live there.

Answer #33

Asia. or europe.

Answer #34

Yeah Russia and Germany.

Answer #35


Answer #36


Answer #37

Tokyo to be exact..as a matter of fact Bangkok Thailand sounds pretty fun too

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