Living in America

Hey, I’m Scottish but hope to some day move to America.

What is the best state to move to? Where will I fit in being Scottish and all? Where will I understand the dialect and they me?

I’ve read a lot of novels based in North Carolina and it seems like a really nice place, I was thinking there or somewhere in the south.

Answer #1

utah! We love it when people come from all over the world! we have the mountains we have ski resorts we a lot of stuff here. Everything is affordable here too.

Answer #2

I am from georgia so of course I would say georgia. But if you move to Ga. make sure you move to south Ga. because north georgia is juct like being in the northe. so if you want the southern experience then south ga is the way to go.As far as you fitting in I would say Los Angeles. that place is so big and there are so many characters in L.A. that you never know what you will find there.

Answer #3

Great! I live in Pennyslvania…The weather is nice - today it’s 82 and sunny…If you like hot humid go south if you like drier less humid go north…We get all the seasons…I like PA because of the mountains…West Virginia has lots more… As far as dialect? …southerners have their own as well as everyone else…but they are known to be hospitable I’ll say that… NC gets ice storms in winter…lots of people have moved there. I think there is probably jobs to find… It really depends on what your looking for…jobs…etc… GOOD LUCK

Answer #4

WASHINGTON STATE!!! it is the best place I ave ever visited

Answer #5

I really want to go to a baseball game…they look like so much fun!!

Answer #6

Massachusettes, boston home of the nba champion celtics of course

Answer #7

Depends on whether you like cold or hot weather, beaches or snow, cities or country. I live in Indiana [don’t move here if you want a good start]. And I’ve live in Missouri and Texas. Both very friendly very beautiful places. North Carolina, I don’t think would be the place for you, just trust me on that. Like seriously. America is a really great place to live because it is very, very diverse. If you want to have your own community of Scots, then you would have to move to New York City, which has a place for every culture like Chinatown. But it’s very agressive, and enjoyable in its own fast paced way. And has the Yankees! Places in the south, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are very dry. Except for Texas which is very nice if you move to Houston. Everyone there is really friendly. Maybe too friendly if you get a Mexican woman talking, beware of a life story or them making you tell your life story. But Houston people welcome outsiders as family. California is the same way, I don’t recommend living in L.A until you have a lot of money, cause places like Compton. Your accent, if thick, many people will not understand you. If light yes. But people will make a good attempt to understand, and if you work at it, it should not be a problem. I don’t recommend the midwest either, until you adapt because it’s a way of life as I’ve seen it to be very cold and stereotype people. Including anyone from anywhere, I was only living a couple hundered miles away and they though I was some sort of alien, or maybe that’s just cause I’m mexican. Look up pics and talk to people, follow your heart.

Hope I helped! ♥alisha

Answer #8

Carolina has hurricanes and racism. The south - as a whole - still has an element of racism. I know, I went there a few times… and experienced it first hand. Texas is great, but still considered part of the south. Texas gets hurricanes too.

If you are concerned with Fitting in, I say, Los Angeles and NYC because they have every ethnic group you can think of. If you are an odd ball, then you will fit in. Los Angeles has earthquakes, but its not that bad. NYC gets snow, and is relatively expensive. So is LA. Bottom line - Southern California (Los Angeles County) offers you everything you want within 2 hour drives, snow, desert, beaches, forest, lakes, mountains, entertainment, second to none.

Answer #9

Make sure it isn’t ridiculously expensive, like California or New York or Boston, etc. I would recommend Washington State, it is beautiful and green there. Seattle, Washington is laid back and more accepting than most places. But… I wouldn’t recommend moving here. You are a socialist and many many people here would die for that. I’d really research the country first before you make any definite decisions. I personally want OUT! My husband and I are planning to move to the UK once we both get our degrees. I’ll take your place, any day!

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