What is community college like on the first day - week?

Answer #1

i am about to go ..have no idea..nervous and worried ..i might not do so good in my classes .. u going?

Answer #2

yeah, im going in january but im so nervous because i hate asking for help, and have the hardest time making friends =/ bad combination . . .

Answer #3

yeah, im going in january but im so nervous because i hate asking for help, and have the hardest time making friends =/ bad combination . . .

Answer #4

omg me too lol

Answer #5

i cant go a week without me and some grls fighting..and i suck in school work..what are majoring n? lol i want to be a teacher

Answer #6

OMG JANUARY NU HUH me too!!!!!! lol

Answer #7

The first day/week is usually when you get to meet your professors and classmates. Most professors have you give a little intro of yourself to the class (name, what year and major you are, etc.) in an attempt to ‘break the ice’. Keep in mind that most people are as nervous, shy, and whatever else you want to call it, as you are, so don’t be worried about it too much. Just take a second and breathe, it’s really not as bad as it might seem. Try to break out of your shell because if you don’t you will miss out on some great opportunities that your school might have to offer. And don’t hold back your questions because they have people there who love to answer them!

Answer #8

1st week of college isnt soo bad. granted i was nervous when i first started thats just because it was something totally new to me and i didnt no what to expect. idk how different community college is compared to a university idt there should b a big difference. but you are like idk eased into college 1st week then it takes off classes go faster classes get lil harder but all manageable. only way u wont do good is by not trying. and look at ur motivation if ur paying for college theres motivation cuz u dont want that money to go to waste.

Answer #9

@funadvicelover Im going to be ah english major

and wow everybody is going in January lol

Answer #10

I think the thing im most nervous about is people thinking im a 14 year old girl because I dont look my age and im so quiet. but if the professor makes you introduce yourself i will be cool because im not afraid to speak infront of people when i absolutly have to.

Answer #11

Yeah im totally going to let that be my motivation =)

Answer #12

the more you stress over it the worse it is going to be…:(

just be yourself smile & say hi if someone smiles back!

Its that easy…you are in college not grade school…no one is gnna bite your head off…:) no one will call home & say your child has been cutting classes & is waiting in the nurses office so come get him/her! :P

This is your time to experiment…see what interests you…where you fit in….no one can do it for you…if you want to be a loner then you will be just that…if you want to be in a sorority then you can be in that too…what ever does it for you!

Take a deep breath, count to 10….straighten back….lift head up high…smile & just say: “hey….!” :P

good luck to all!

Answer #13

It’s not that bad. There’s usually orientation. Try to talk to a few people there. In class some professors will ask for introductions and some wont. In a class of 200, you’re obviously not going to be getting introductions. The professor will discuss the syllabus and what is expected. Just say hi to whomever you’re sitting next to and introduce yourself. Remember that these are introductory classes, so many people will be new and just as anxious to make friends. Ask the person next to you a question. Try to sit next to the same people a few times so you can get to know them. Find out what there schedules are like. If it’s someone who’s been in the school, ask what professors to avoid. Ask if they want to get some lunch or coffee after class. Study groups are a good way to make friends (even if you dont study well with others). Try to remember that most people will be responsive. Some wont. But you’re not going to live your life based on the few who are not open and friendly. You talk to people and they’ll talk back. And for the rest of them, they dont matter.

Answer #14

at least u look younger they think i am over 20-early 30’s lol

Answer #15

i have to pay 15 ground just for the associate dont know how imma get it lol

Answer #16

good advice ty.. hey how many students in a class? anybody knows

Answer #17

i know omg here too they plan on going January.. lol we should fun mail each other how our day goes then a month from now we will be laughing how easy it gotten lol

Answer #18

yeah that is a great idea to funmail each other, and Ty that is some great advice, thanks to everyone.

Answer #19

yeah but unfortunantly for me people underestimate me and never take me serious because i dont look my age, i know its going to help 20 or 30 years from now but right now lookin like a 14 year old is ruining my life. but now that im older im going to train my self to be more assertive and confident. thanks

Answer #20

is 15 pounds another word for 15000$ ?

Answer #21

Depends on the class. It ranges from 15-200

Answer #22

wow so many

Answer #23

i mean 15 grand yeah meaning 15, 000

Answer #24

start wearing make up.it makes anybody look older..and clothes that fit ur age

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