Comedy movies, need help

I need a list of all the greatest funniest moviess ever made, I laugh easily at good movies, I need good stuff

Answer #1

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Heartbreak kid

Answer #2

zoolander! just watched in on t.v. pure funny!!!

Answer #3

rush hour,tommy boy, money talks,jay and silent bob strikes back,dumb and dumber,waterboy,saving silvermen,black knight,orang county,anger management,black sheep,lets go to prison,a night at the rockbury

Answer #4

rush hour,tommy boy, money talks,jay and silent bob strikes back,dumb and dumber,waterboy,saving silvermen,black night,orang county,anger management,black sheep,lets go to prison,a night at the rockbury

Answer #5

Little Nicky (Adam Sandler) About a guy whose dad is the devil. Bubble Boy (Jake Gyllenhall) About a boy who’s lived in a bubble all his life. Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) Billy Madison goes back to school. Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) Happy tries to win money by entering a golf contest. Mr Deeds (Adam Sandler) A guy from a small town inherits a lot of money. Mousehunt (Lee Evans) Two brothers inherit an old house which is home to a mouse who doesn’t feel like leaving.

Answer #6

I agree with the previous comment: Clue ROCKS!! I thought it was esp. funny when Prof. Plum was waiting at the door…And I don’t want to ruin it for you. But, mine is: AUSTIN POWERS ALL THE WAY!!! It’s kinda dirty, so I don’t suggest watching it with kids. But either way, it’s hilarious!! I’ve only seen the first, but, according to my friends, the rest are JUST as funny!! I’ve also recently seen Dodgeball on TV. (Sorry, I forgot what channel.) It could get pretty hilarious at some points. At the end, there’s a funny twist with the girl, but I still don’t want to spoil anything. Again: This is probably NOT (and when I say probably, I mean IS) the best movie to be watching with the little ones!! Hope I helped!! :) :) :P

Answer #7

k thx all

Answer #8

Caddy Shack & Animal Hoouse are classics

Answer #9


Answer #10

Here’s a Top 10 list I found:

#10. Young Frankenstein :

Starring Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle. Similar to Airplane, Young Frankenstein makes you think about the jokes and situations, no brainless humor included. It’s not even closely compared to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, but they are alike in the scene that Gene Wilder plays a clever yet demented character with many changing moods and qualities. This is shown on television all the time, and makes for a great rainy day flick.

#9. Clue :

Starring Christopher Lloyd & Tim Curry. One of the best original murder mystery movies ever. If you haven’t seen this one yet, make it your next purchase. Most people consider the ending long, drawn out, and a complete mess of confusion. I find it humorous as Tim Curry spits out words for 15 minutes straight trying to explain who was murdered, with what, and where. It’s like 3 endings in one, but only the last ending is real. Most of the conversations include subtle comedy, but most of the situations are laughable. (Examples: Tim Curry wondering around in the dark, mistaking the shower for a door handle). I usually catch this when played on Comedy Central and the jokes never grow old.

#8. Super Troopers : Starring Kevin Heffernan & Steve Lemme. While the actors in Super Troopers are considered a bunch of nobodies, they presented us with a hysterically funny film. Law enforcement is usually seen as annoying jerks who stick to the book and regulate everyone, but that’s the complete opposite shown in this film. Some of the conversations are boring, but I can’t help but laugh at a car full of potheads getting pulled over 3 times in a row, while never re-starting their car.

#7. Home Alone :

Starring Macaulay Culkin & Joe Pesci. This is another must see film, good for any time of the year, not just Christmas. Of the three films in this series, Home Alone 1 is by far the best. It’s shown on television all the time, and I try to catch it as much as possible. Paint cans to the skull, toolbox squishing, settling torches, nails, hedge clippers… don’t be fooled by the innocent looking hellion. I can’t help but laugh at 2 guys getting tricked by a kid and his Macyver-like traps.

#6. Uncle Buck :

Starring Macaulay Culkin & John Candy. Another good movie with Macaulay, this time playing a smaller role, while John takes the spotlight. It a story of the conflict between adult authority figure, and teenage frustration, which was a common feeling for most of us growing up. John plays the role well, sporting a geeky hat, back firing clunker, and a twisted way of scaring off boys with hatchets.

#5. Office Space :

Starring Jennifer Aniston & Ron Livingston, directed by Mike Judge. I myself, being a lazy bum, can relate to this movie everytime I see it. Guy goes to work everyday, guy gets a case of the mondays, guy gets overtime, guy hates work, guy slumps off and does nothing but sleep and watch tv. Story of my life people, story of my freakin’ life. Perhaps the funniest parts are when Milton is asked to move his desk on a daily basis, and discovers his paychecks have seized.

#4. Airplane :

Starring Leslie Nielsen & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It’s a shame I only put this at #4 because it’s such a great movie with a high replay value. There’s aren’t to many movies worthy of being played on a month basis, but this one ranks up at the top. What gives this replay value is the fact that is has so many funny lines, comments, and situations. It’s hard to catch them the first time, but with every replay you notice something new or old jokes seem funny in a different way. Of course Leslie Nielsen is plain hilarious, just like his appearances in The Naked Gun series. His jokes are very subtle and sometimes they make you think about the comment before you really understand the joke. To much play on words, and double meanings, but it’s all in good humor.

#3. Dumb and Dumber :

Starring Jeff Daniels & Jim Carrey. I tend to watch this once every other month when played on television. I love the Jim Carrey movies: Cable Guy, Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, but Dumb And Dumber is one of my favorites. Like I said before, I enjoy stupid comedy, and Jim Carrey dishes out the goods here. There’s just something funny about Daniels’s tongue getting stuck to an iced pole, Carrey screaming in his “most annoying sound routine”, and Daniel’s sitting on the pot with explosive diarrhea. I can’t quite explain why it’s funny, either you laugh uncontrollably or you cringe in horror at the stupidest jokes ever.

#2. Black Sheep :

Starring Chris Farley, David Spade & Gary Busey. I’ve been a big fan of Chris Farley since his skits on Saturday Night Live, so it’s only natural that this be in the top 10. Even though I’ve seen this 50+ times I still fall out of my chair from laughing so hard. Some of the funniest scenes are: Chris falling down a mountain pausing to make jokes along the way, Chris running out on stage saying “kill whitey”, and the whole nitrous oxide in the police car scene. Either you love Farley or you don’t, but I love him and this movie.

#1. Tommy Boy :

Starring Chris Farley, David Spade & Dan Aykroyd. The best comedy movie every, period. It’s not just a comedy, but also a sad story, and something which gives us a bit of hope and dedication to be the best that we can be in life. Most of Farley’s movies have this aspect, to do you best no matter what anyone else says. In Tommy Boy he portrays a character who must travel around gathering orders for brake pads in order to keep his father’s company above water. Of course he isn’t the brightest person alive, but he manages to find himself and succeeds in doing what he set out to do. David Spade doesn’t have many punch lines, but does accompany Farley throughout the entire saga. I love the crazy doped up attitude of Farley, and Tommy Boy represents this very well.

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