What colors will your Christmas tree be decorated in this year?

Mine will be blue and silver :)

Answer #1

An invisible color ;o we don’t put up Christmas Trees :(

Answer #2

Oh why not?

Answer #3

My parents say it’s too much work putting it up and taking it down :(

Answer #4

Well you should do it all for them… that way they dont have to… they can just watch and sip on hot cocoa hehe

Answer #5

Ooooooh, I was just thinking about this last night! I’m planning to get a real tree and use gold, rust and peach tones. And guess what, the outside of my house is blue and silver (its a white house) - very crisp and nice, I love it.

Answer #6

yea that would be purty

Answer #7

Clear, red, blue, and green

Answer #8

What ever is in the box of Christmas ordination in the storage :P.

Never really put any thought into a “color scheme” from y Christmas tree :P.

Answer #9

Same +Orange :D

Answer #10

That’s differant, think I will do that one to, thx for the idea :-)

Answer #11

Red :D

Answer #12

Mine will be random-decorations-thrown-all-over-and-dripping-off-as-well-as-lights-and-tinsel coloured, lol.

Answer #13

I always push for the tree to have white lights with red decorations, but we go with multicolor every year. I don’t mind, though, multicolor is fun. I actually have a mini tree on my desk right now in my dorm, it has white lights, multicolored star ornaments, tinsel and a Santa hat on top :)

Answer #14

I don’t believe we’ll have a Christmas tree this year. My mum said she just wanted to draw one on a piece of paper —_—

Answer #15

aaw lol thats no fun. You should offer to do it for her :) maybe she just dont feel like it

Answer #16


Answer #17

All different colours! My Nan, on the other hand, is obsessed with making items of a certain space the same colours. So according to my memory, her decorations this year will be blue and silver. Just like the furniture.

Answer #18

I usually use a colored tree last year it was a pink tree decorated in silver, frosty blue & crystal ornaments, the year before that was a black & white tree w/purple & royal blue ornaments. This year I’m doing a yellow tree since my 5 year old loves spongebob. He will decorate it w/cartoon character ornaments

Answer #19

awe thats so sweet :)

Answer #20

pretty :)

Answer #21

I decorate mine with all of the colors(:

Answer #22

whatever colours i can get my hands on :D

Answer #23

It has red bows all over with white lights, some various ornaments and an angel on top.

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