When decorating for Christmas, do you prefer the childlike decoration or do you decorate more sophisticatedly?

Me and Chris were talking about this last night, i prefer the childlike decorations. Cartoonlike snowmen, reindeer, and santa clauses. Traditional red and green decorations, glitter, and anything that looks fun.

Answer #1

The more colour, the more merry :) ..my mother sid sister like their “blue and silver” Victorian-style Christmas, but give my multi-coloured lights with lots of red, green, and gold. Santa is a must!

Answer #2

it just depends what kind of family. because i would go for childlike decorations and stuff. but my moms friend is into decoratng and i know she would go more sophisticated look and fancy.

Answer #3

I love the more sophisticated looking decorations, I do not want the inside and outside of my house to look cheesy.

Answer #4

Personally, I like the sophisticated kind better.

Answer #5

I like the happy ones with the childish decorations, its so much fun like that!! when u just have boring lights up and a little xmas tree well then wheres the point and excitement?? I think Noah would like the more fun ones, i had them and now i have happy memories of putting them up with my family and laughing at how goofy or funny they were. :)

Answer #6

I rally like the rustic look, with wood carved decorations, but I like the LED lights. I also like the little potter looking villages, with the lights in the windows and doors.

Answer #7

We dont decorate, period, we see it as a waste of time, money, and effort.

Answer #8


Answer #9


Answer #10

I like the traditional decorations. Red, green, silver, and gold for Christmas, not purple and pink (what is up with that? It looks like the easter bunny decorated the tree.) I wouldn’t say I like sophisticated but I do believe that if you have a nativity scene Mary and Joseph should be adults, not small children.

Answer #11

Depends really….if it’s in front of company or family that we don’t see often we keep it sophisticated with the gifts and dectorations and how we decorate the tree but if it’s just our family we like it kinda both XP

Answer #12

whats a humbug?

Answer #13

I definitely love the sophisticated look best! But, it wouldn’t hurt to get your child to make a cute ornament or something & than hang it up on the tree. It makes them feel like their a part of the decorating as well. Or you could still have a sophisticated look. Just by holding them & guiding them to wear to put the ornaments & such.

Answer #14

childlike XP haha =)

Answer #15

“humbug” is something Scrouge aways said, meaning, useless or whatever, pretty much just a negative phrase.

Answer #16


Answer #17

OMGG ! The potter looking villages are very , very beautiful !

Answer #18

There is a lot of people that think like this and this is fine, but they usually don’t advertise that they don’t unless they want attention.

Answer #19

Yes my wife loves them, I think she gets a new set every year, than she builds these little Christmas towns around the house and at her spa.

Answer #20

WOW! Please upload some pictures here :) It would be such a pleasure to see them.

Answer #21

I do love to do the musical lights, or dancing lights on the outside of the house.

Answer #22

She asked wha decorations we perfer, I don’t bother with them, so that was my answer- don’t like? Tough. Think I want I attention? Well, thanks for giving it to me, I guess.

Answer #23

Dancing Christmas lights

Answer #24

People can do some pretty amazing things with blinking lights, to the dismay of photo-sensitive epileptics like myself :/

Answer #25

OUUUUUUU , very pretty !

Answer #26

That’s amazing! Loved it!!!!!! =D

Answer #27

I like sophisticated decorations better. I’m the youngest person in my house, and I’m 15, so, there’s really no one here who would enjoy the childlike decorations. No offense to anyone who likes them.

Answer #28


Answer #29

Love the Victorian style, Santa, not so much.

Answer #30

I always do childlike outdoors-multi-color lights and fun candycanes to light up the driveway and whatnot. Indoors it just looks prettier traditional. I wrap things like the stairwell banister with greenery and white lights with red ribbons, which looks gorgeoous at night. So really, I like both :)

Answer #31

I go for sophisticated decorations. When I have children I think I will just have to get two trees, one that they can decorate in a lovely child like way, and I can keep everything else looking like a picture in a magazine!

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