Is 15 cups of coffee good for you?

Is 15 cups of coffee good for you?

Answer #1

I used to drink a lot of coffee. When I got my first office job we had an inbox on the left side of our desks and an outbox on the right. I noticed that the more coffee I drank the taller the pile of papers were in the outgoing stack. When I started working as a computer programmer I kept up the coffee because it helps keep your energy up and it helps you sharpen your focus toward the end of the day. I was up to about a mug of coffee/hour at work. If I worked 8 hours I’d drink 8 mugs give or take. If I worked 12 hours I’d drink about 12 mugs. Durring Y2K remediation there were times I worked 36 hours straight and I’m sure I drank a lot of coffee then.

Since then I strted worrying about dirnking so much coffee and cut back. At first I said no coffee after 7PM. Then I backed to 6PM, and worked my way around the clock until I was only drinking a single mug of coffee every morning and after a few months I quit even that. I managed to wind it down without any caffeine widthdrawl. I did drink green and white tea but this only has a small fraction of the caffeine in coffee.

Since then I’ve become a lot busier and typically don’t get enough sleep so I’m back on coffee though nothing like the 8 mugs I used to drink on a typical day. Now I drink one mug in the morning and sometimes a second mug if I’m feeling draggy in the afternoon.

I should mention that in addition to using caffeine as a pick-me-up I looove the taste of coffee. I’ve been drinking it hot, strong, and black since I was 12.

There are possibly some health benefits to coffee. Some studies have shown coffee drinkers are less likely to have diabetes and Parkenson’s dissease, Coffee is also full of antioxidants; in fact for most Americans it is their largest source of these beneficial molecules.

Getting back to the original question, I doubt that drinking 15 cups of coffee in one day will do any permanent damage. If you aren’t used to drinking coffee you probably won’t enjoy it though. If you drink 15 cups every day than perhaps you should try cutting back a smidge.

Answer #2

well it’s definitely not good for you. coffee in general is unhealthy..15 cups? that’s just stupid. too much caffeine is thought to have negative effects on the heart. it’ll also stain your teeth, and nobody wants that… too much coffee makes your normal diet completely poor, and it’s just an unhealthy way of living.

Answer #3

Coffee doens’t kill cancer cells , it helps to cause cancer. Why don’t you try drinking some fresh squeezed juices? I’ll bet you are on a big high drinking 15 cups!

Answer #4

I heard coffee kills certain cancer cells but not 15 cups!!! geez slow it down girl. I mean coffees great maybe have one in the morning when you get up.. :)

Answer #5

no, coffee isnt good for you…and that much is just terrible for you. not to mention all the ways it can f*ck up your body

Answer #6

Are you jumping on the ceiling or what !!! lol. I dont think that it would be a good idea. It will proberbly cause you to not sleep as well as peeing a lot.

Answer #7

ok rite

Answer #8

15 cups a day is not good. I think you’re ment to have no more than 5 per day. lokk up “too much caffiene”

Answer #9

no I mean what would happen to your body if you did have 15cups of coffeee?

Answer #10

Per day, per week, per year, per life-time? It really depends what your answer is.

Answer #11

um no… personally I think 1 cup is bad… eww coffee is nassstyyy..

Answer #12

Well, if you are carefull to space them over 15 days, yes that would be OK.

Answer #13

what will coffee do to you if you have 15 cups a day

Answer #14


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