Is there any way to make the clouds rain and avoid the drought?

I heard a long time ago that in small countries they use small planes to bomb the clouds and then it started to rain. Why we dont do that here so then there wouldnt be any drought and the prices of the food wont increase. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

Idk, but it’s was pouring here! You should have it instead. I hate rain!!

Answer #2

well it didn’t work, because the testing failed to give the needed result, and even when it did work (by sheer luck it seems) the clouds had moved on too far away from the designated area, as you know clouds like to get carried away :D

Answer #3

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Answer #4

yes there is a way to make it rain. its already been proven… in not sure what they use but yea it same out in some informational show i watch.

Answer #5

there is but it has to be the proper type of cloud and the cloud itself has to be at least 5000 feet high- with the proper cloud and the proper height the cloud can be seeded with something like dust for the clouds moisture to condense around which makes it rain.

the problem here would be finding the right kind of clouds and get them to grow high enough to be able to be seeded- the time and effort would not be worth the small amount of rain produced and it wouldn’t stop a drought because it would have to rain everyday.

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