How do i clean up my computer?

Hello does anyone know how to clean out 1. the address bar on IE and 2. the drop down auto fill e-mail and password bar? I do not want to delete all of the e-mail accounts just the ones I no longer use. Also. My taskbar has all kinds of programs that run on start-up, How do You disable them? They are sucking My performance dry ! .PLEASE HELP

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Have a professional or someone good with computers and have them fix things up,and once things are,have them install Mozilla Firefox onto your computer,IE isn't safe at all.

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IE may not be safe, But Firefox isn't great either. I usggest Google Chrome or Opera.

And you can always just open up task manager, go to the processes tab, And any that are under the Username column that says "helpdesk" or the name of the account you're on, can be deleted without permanent harm to your computer.

However, I suggest you look up what each one of them do before deleting them.

And you would have to do this every time you start up your computer, so, remember which ones can be deleted and which are imporant.

You should also go through the programs'(the ones that open on startup) options and tell them to no longer open on startup.

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Go to the start menu => run, and type in "msconfig". If it says you don't have msconfig, google it and download it. Then double click on it from wherever you saved it. Go to the startup and services tab. You'll probably want to check "hide microsoft services". Start unchecking stuff that you know you don't use. Then reboot. If something stops working like your internet, then you gotta go back and recheck something. But don't worry; worst case scenario you'll just have to recheck everything and start over.

After you reboot, go into msconfig again and make sure everything is the way you left it. Some programs will put themselves back! Then you might want to uninstall those programs or go inside the options on those programs to make sure it doesn't run at startup. Or it might put itself back b/c it's a virus. Googling the name of it can help check if it is, or just run an antivirus and scan your whole computer regardless. Googling names of everything in general can also help you decide whether or not to uncheck them.

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There is registry repair software that can do most, if not all, of that stuff for you. There is one called <a href=""> PC HealthBoost </a> that I like, but you can do some research to find one you think is best. This way of fixing your computer will kill multiple birds with one stone. It'll clean up your PC, make it run faster, and make your start-up and shut-down times shorter.

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