Can you really clean an oil spill with cleaning detergent?

Answer #1

And how would that be beneficial? Adding chemicals to an already contaminated source of water will just kill off the animal habitat quicker.

Answer #2

I’m trying to find the answer for school but i think i saw on this 1 website where you can i’m not exactly sure though

Answer #3

If your talking about an oil spill like the one in gulf of mexico, I do not think you can clean it. If you’re talking about a casual spill in your kitchen, I am pretty sure you can clean it. Most cleaning detergents clean well without leaving bacterias.

Answer #4

this was 1 said to be in alaska here’s the page. [link removed]

Answer #5

damn it didn’t show

Answer #6

Ive never heard of that and it doesnt make much sense. You wouldnt introduce an entire new chemical to already chemically soiled water…that wont solve the problem nor will it help the wildlife in the area. I know that cleaning detergent is used to clean the oil off of animals that were affected in the oil spills.

Answer #7

Detergent has been used to clean up several oil spills, and was used by BP in the Gulf of Mexico as well. It does break up and disperse the oil more quickly. However, putting such large quantities of detergent into the water can cause environmental and health problems. There is now concern some of the detergent from the BP spill might affect food supplies around the North Atlantic. Also, detergent can damage deep sea life if ingested in high enough amounts.

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