What class or subject from high school has served you best in real life?

Did you take a class (or have a teacher) that made any sort of positive impact on you or your life, or not really?

Answer #1

English i think will have a large impact on your life! And some math, to a point.

Answer #2

I can barely mention only one because Mathematics is as important as history and so is science. But to pick only one, I think social programs like cross cultural understanding.

Answer #3

Mine would have too be Photo class and english.

Answer #4

English and history/social subjects.

Answer #5

Definantly English. I love having a wide vocabulary.

Answer #6

Obviously it is English and Math. But i hate math and it is palyin a vital role in the everyones life by the name of MONEY. lol

Answer #7

SOS. School son saturdays for kids like me shin were bad like breakfast club.

Answer #8

I had English as a foreign tongue. Without that, I would not be able to communicate with y’all. French as a foreign tongue made me able to talk to people on one of my favorite holiday destinations.

I think that all the history, geography, ethics and political education classes really payed off. It is cool to know what you are talking about in political discussions.

And so did the natural sciences. It is cool to have a general idea about how the universe works. [Except when watching movies. General knowledge of the laws of nature makes many movie plots plain ridiculous] :(

I don’t think that German-lessons (my native tongue) or maths really made a big difference. Music, arts, the computer class as well as the theater class were completely useless, even though I really enjoyed those when I was in school. But I learned more about any of those outside of school than school ever tried to teach me.

Answer #9

Science/physics all the way! The fabric of our reality is being steadily observed, recorded, and manipulated (in a good sense) by progressive science (I’m speaking on a basis of ages and revolutions past) if only there were more adequate funding for such upcoming paradigm shifts as life extension-the cure for all disease, space migration, and intelligence increase…

Answer #10

and of course the language of reality, Mathematics, is included in all that, but math is just a framework… a set of guidelines if you will :D

Answer #11

as far as English goes… ahem… I could say the same in Portuguese Language makes no sense Italian Dutch or Japanese, Perhaps a voice from ages whence? -Me Right Now

Answer #12

Hmm i’m still in highschool but I have to say the top 3 would be

  • parenting (i’m constantly helping take care of children)
  • foods ( my mom didn’t know how to cook till she was like 20 and I don’t plan to live off hamberger helper)
  • Science (i’m planning on becomming a scientist for the goverment) Most people would say math but by the time I got to highschool I already knew the basics and a bit more so in my opnion i’m pretty good on that.
Answer #13

pyschology. I really like learning about my inner self and knowing the different developmental stages we all go through. It helps you to be at ease with people when they react a certain way you dont like, knowing what phase they’re currently in, in life. I think thats awesome.

Answer #14

Oh, well I was just wondering if anyone has taken a specific class in high school that made any sort of significant impact in their lives (for example, if they had a really amazing english teacher that inspired them to be a writer). I’m asking this because I’m not really getting anything out of most of the classes I’m taking; I memorize the information, spew it on a test, ace it, then completely forget it. I was just looking for personal opinions or experiences on the matter. Am I even making sense? haha

Answer #15

Geometry, and math in general helped me out the most. History helped me out the least; after graduating I found most of what I learned about American History was propaganda and lies.

Answer #16

One day, with a cramped ankle - I lay on the side lines of the field. After the break, coach came to sit by me. I told him I was tired of the injuries and thought it would be much better to sit at home rather than injuring my whole body. He patted my back said a line which I will never forget. He said “Life is not meant to be preserved in a jar, son.” . And once I remember when I was in the fifth or sixth grade, environmental education class was on. Our teacher suddenly remarked “You see, every day thousands of people are dying out of poverty and lack of food. Appreciate how privileged you are to have food served on your plate in as much quantity as you like.”

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