Who would you choose if you could meet any five celebrities in the world?

Mine would bee these fine gentlemen (judge all you like, :L) : Jason Statham Mika Erik Hassle James Corden Billy Joe Armstrong

Answer #1

Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Tease, Fairuza Baulk, Johnny Depp, Hugh Laurie

Answer #2

There’s some dead ones, I know: Sully Erna, Ronnie James Dio, Stevie Ray Vaughan,Charles Manson, Rob Zombie.

Answer #3

Charles Manson the serial killer?! I didn’t know who the rest were were so I looked them up and all of them except Sully scared the hell outta me! Nice choices :| ahaha

Answer #4

omg, amazing list! ‘cept i don’t know who the middle one is…

Answer #5

Awesome list except why Charles manson?

Answer #6

Jay Chou, Kim Jaejoong, Andy Sixx, Alex Pettyfer, Hayden Christensen

Answer #7

A varied list! You go from hard rocker to pretty boy :L ooft Andy Sixx, and Hayden. Nummy nummy. Nice onee :)

Answer #8

:O:O:O:O:O:O Look him up!

Answer #9

I thought you said who is he? Uhm, I think he’s more intelligent then he lets on to be and I find him to be a genious, I agree with some of his views, and I think he’s funny.

Answer #10

Blake McGrath, Hugh Laurie, Amy Lee, Jo Frost, Marshall Mathers. First one is a great dancer and choreographer, second is a wicked actor, third is a beautiful and talented woman with an amazing voice, third is awesome with kids, and well.. Eminem speaks for himself. ^^

Answer #11

Yiruma, Matt Damon, Christofer Drew, Natsuki Takaya, Flo from Progressive.

Answer #12

Kurt Cobain Tim Burton JK Rowling Amy Lee Hugh Laurie

Answer #13

Despite his serial killer antics…? :L

Answer #14

YUSSS AMY LEE <3 Is Joe Frost Supernanny? ;D

Answer #15

Mario Lopez. Taylor Lautner. Adam Lambert. Nick Hogan. Rob Kardashian.

Answer #16

Nice listt :)

Answer #17

Matt Damon yesplz. ;D

Answer #18

I would love to meet the queen of pop (since I hv been following her career since I was a kid) that would be Madonna! The Mariah Carey for she has the most amazing voice! & will always be an inspiration to me with her amazing lyrics! I would have to say Amy Lee because she too has an amazing voice & amazing lyrics I can cope with…(yeah I have a variety of fav’s) I would have to say Eminem, he seriously says what we really want to say but just dont seem to have to the balls to say it! Last of all I would have to say it’s a tie between Billy Holiday & BB KING the legend! If you dont get chills by the way he plays that guitar or the way she sings those lyrics then you havent really been in love b4!

That was a hard call! Actually took me a while to think a bit. (so many more I could name…but hey you did say only 5) :P

Answer #19

Goooooood answer (Y)

Answer #20

Very nice answerrr, not sure if I’d put Madonna or Mariah on a list of mine but love for Amy Lee and Eminem <33 I haven’t really looked into the last two. I’ll give them a listenn (Y)

Answer #21

lol, thank you sweetie…U gtta understand…i am a late 70’s girl…Madonna came out when i was like 5…dancing to borderline with the rubber bracelets & the funky punk and denim.. was the shizz…:P As for Mariah…her voice & lyrics have gotten me through the toughest times when I was forced to leave NY the first time…and my first love…my fav cousins & my grandmother(rip) So…til this day they are still around makin awes music in some way or another…As for Amy Lee, she got me through my divorce…when I was all alone…had no one…no family & no support…just me myself & Amy Lee… As for Eminem…I wish I could say things the way Eminem does sometimes not giving a f*ck about what others might think. feel or say including my mom & most of all brother…but if I had the balls to be a b!tch of a wife & screw my ex over the way he screwed me over like that…I may actually have spent less years in a miserable, abusive, emotional relationship but I tried to be the perfect wife…and stood by my marriage even after he cheated on me which was the ultimate betrayal…bcz he actually went back to be with her for 2 weeks while still married…and instead of changing the locks, getting rid of all his clothes, I let him back in on the couch til he found a place to stay…for about 3-4 weeks til I couldnt take anymore! As for Billy Holiday, BB King…they are the king & queen of the blues in my opinion! If you have ever been hurt by love..and heard the music…the way they sang the lyrics…combined with the music…then you would understand what real music is about & hv ur heart on ur sleeve. I know I have!

Answer #22

Flea Anthony Keidis Kurt Cobain Slash Jason Segel

Answer #23


Answer #24

Ooooh they’re all kinda peng, except Slash. And Jason Segel is like my ideal man! He’s up there with James Corden <33 Good answer

Answer #25

:) thnx sweetie…hugs♥

Answer #26

Awe, ty sweetie…/big girly hug ♥

Answer #27

awh hugs xoxo

Answer #28

srry got sm laggin going on tonight :(

Answer #29

hehee :) ♥

Answer #30

Kim Deal, Dylan Moran, Colin Meloy, Conor Oberst, Orson Welles.

Answer #31

I LOVE DYLAN MORAN. I’ll admit, I had to look up the others - even Orson Welles :( But great answerrrr, love it :)

Answer #32

I would definitely meet Mariah Carey because she is simply amazing. I would LOVE to meet Lil Wayne because he’s my inspiration, followed by Nicki Minaj. <3 Haa. I would also love to meet Channing Tatum because he’s so dammnn sexy, and to be in his presence would be a blessing, lol. I’m not exactly sure if I have a 5th one just yet.

Answer #33

Phwoarrrr Channing Tatum perv face

Answer #34

Hahaa. aaahhh, the things I would do to that man..

Answer #35

Taylor! So hot! ;D

Answer #36

Ohhh I’m with you on that. God. He is just walking sex.

Answer #37

I can see why she’d choose him. I don’t think he actually ever killed anyone. Ever. He was just so persuasive that he managed to get other people to kill people. A lot. It was all tactic and manipulation.

Answer #38

Spencer Chanberlain, Willie Destroyed,Oly Skies,Tim Lambesis,Charles Manson, Catharos(a religion from the 1st. or 2nd centuary in Europe).

Answer #39

Ellen Degeneres, Hayley Williams, Lights, Lady GaGa, Ke$ha.

Answer #40

Love her, fcking nom, my best friend would hug you for saying her, she’s mental - lovee it!, also nom - she’s like my idol.

Answer #41

I know :p

Answer #42

bit of a mashed face tbh, and although in new moon his body is nummy, it’s edited cryface

Answer #43


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