Who know's the name of this children's book?

All the characters where animals, mostly frogs. It was one of the frog's birthdays and all his friends planned him a surprse party. At the end of the book they surprised him with a cake in a diner. I know it's a far stretch that anyone whill know, but I've been looking for this book. My dad used to read it to me.

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wow oh wow, i read alot of childrens books daily but i have never heard of this one, must be really old. was it a series or just a book ?

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maybe frog and toad?

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I think it's just a book.

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I will det my life goal to find out what the book is called! don't worry :o

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i will *make it*

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i used to have a book that sounds like that when i was was little i thinkit was the suprised toad or the lucky toad or the little toad hope i elped maybe?

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This may help http://funadvice.com/r/benb279afh0

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Froggy's Birthday?

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No, but I seem to remember Froggy Gets Dressed as another book I was read.

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