Would you let your children come on FunAadvice?

Answer #1

Honestly it’s not what it used to be. It doesn’t feel like an advice website as much as another social network. I’m not sure that i’d bring it up to her but if she stumbled upon it and really liked it then go for it.

Answer #2

I’m not sure if I would let mine

Answer #3

i m not letting any of my sister’s or brother to get any close to the social networking sites i feel they are not safe there

Answer #4

Yeah I honestly am on the same page with you on that.

Answer #5

And your right, I think it feels like an advice site when new people come on. Otherwise its kinda like talking to family but not ya know what I mean

Answer #6

when I will have my child I will tell u haha

Answer #7

Depends on their age. I think a 13, 14, 15 year old kid should be OK here. My oldest is 11. So no. I think he’s too young. (Besides, he doesn’t speak enough English yet. He’s only been learning English for 1 year.)

I am much more worried about some other social networks though.

FA is comfortably anonymous. You can’t really stalk someone when you know their FA account only.

Answer #8

I’d say it’s quite safe for children. It seems the majority of the members are kids or young teens rather. Colleen does an excellent job of “policing” the site and doesn’t tolerate any “weirdo’s” who are here for the wrong reason’s when it comes to children. (just my observation)

However, I’m not sure I would “encourage” joining just because it does become a habit, and they may be too young to start such things. I would encourage them to go outside and play and use their imagination instead of sitting at a computer, video game, or television. (just my opinion)

Answer #9

my mum doesnt even know funadvice exists lol

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Answer #11

I think it would depend on the users that are regulars, I wouldn’t want my kid to say the wrong thing & get attacked on here.

Answer #12

honestly its helped me a lot. so i dont think i would go and tell them because that would be weird(i dont have kids) but i wouldn’t stopped them if i knew they had one

Answer #13

Same here.

Answer #14

I agree it really depends on their age…Mine, no problem. My Gk’s well…that I would leave up to the parents.

Answer #15

Lol sure.

Answer #16

I’m going to have to agree with Mackenzie on two levels… Firstly, no I would not, but this point alone would depend on the age of my child. However, because this site is more of a social networking site than an advice site, I probably wouldn’t let my child use it no matter what their age. Unlike Facebook, anyone can find you and easily learn things about you. If we were talking about the Funadvice of old, then I would have no problem with having my children use it (maybe 13+).

Answer #17

then what are you doing here?

Answer #18

I probably would because it feels pretty safe here. I just wouldn’t want my child to put all their personal information up.

Answer #19

Yeah I would but i would make sure they dont swear (Like me) xP

Answer #20

Well, if my child found out about it, i’d let them & monitor them on here. Otherwise, i don’t have a reason to share the site with them. I told my little sister to make an account just because we have a good relationship & it would be more fun with her on here. :)

Answer #21

Absolutely when they come to their age :)

Answer #22

nope! they need to find their own site. .

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