How do i check my questions?

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You get an e-mail telling you when someone has answered your questions. In the e-mail, you will be supplied with a link directing you to the questio you have asked and on that page you will see the answers that people have answered. Voila!

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How do I check if my questions got answered?

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There is also a link to your questions on your home page. Left hand side...mid-ish way down. there you can see questions you have asked and participated in. They are working on more precise filters and links to questions from before the new site. That's just not complete yet. :)

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Mine Dosnt Work. i cant see them

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If they were asked before the site changed formats, they haven't been uploaded yet. If they are recent, they'll be in your questions link on your profile. You may have to weed through some things, but they're there.

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Thankyouu x

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