Should you always go for the cheaper apartments?

Are the cheaper ones alwasy better or if you can find a decent one for a decent price should you just take that if you think you can afford it?

Answer #1

I think this is common knowledge - a cheap apartment could very well be the result of a slum lord…better to take the best that you can afford and not have to worry about things like a leaky roof, rats, or no heat.

Answer #2

Thank you this helps alot sence i am still deciding on apartments.

Answer #3

Cheaper usually means thats its less appealing. Ive been renting apartment/trailors/houses for years now and from experince if it seems to cheap and good to be true….it usually is. The cheaper the place usually the worse the condition its in or the area its located in. Sometimes you have to make due for the time being because its all you can afford though. Its best to figure out your budget and what you can afford or rent before you hunt for places and dont exceed that limit. Dont settle on the first place and always make sure to check out everything in the apartment prior to moving or signing anything.

Answer #4

There’s a reason that the apartment is cheaper. It’s either being leased by a dodgey guy and there is something wrong with it, or it’s in a not-so-good area. If you are looking at a cheap apartment, a good idea would be to have a builder take a look at it so you can be assured that it’s not going to collapse while you’re sleeping.

Answer #5

You actually actually have to live there so don’t pick someplace where you would be miserable.

Sometimes you can find a good inexpensive apartment. I lived in the same apartment for 7 years that was cheap and my rent was never raised the whole time I lived there. The owner knew I was a good tenet and he liked having me around so he cut me a deal. I’ve had another cheap apartment where the owners wouldn’t fix anything, some of my belongings were destroyed by a water leak, often the heat or AC was out when we needed it, and they kept my deposit when I left even though my apartment was is far better shape than the way I found it when I moved in.

If money is tight shop around but try to find someplace decent to live.

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