Can i change my religion for money?

Now I am a sri lankan muslim. but i have no money and i have problems in my life. So I want to change my religion for money.can i do it?

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Well, this is more of a question of Personal choice & ethnic\morals.
If this is a decision you choose to make, on the grounds of obtaining more money.
It should be a decision which is right for you, no one can tell you what to believe in, and or how to pursue it. Therefore, I would if given the same circumstances; in you're particular situation. Weigh the options & determine of which would be the approprate venue for you.
It is not so much a question of 'can i do it?' But more over, is this something I want to do, for the reasons I believe true & how will this impact my persona, my life & my goals.

Take a more in depth evaluation of your self & why you wish to change, what you hope to complish, and how. Then and only then will you be able to decide if it is right for you.

Good Luck!

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I agree with you; Muslim is not a true religion, because Islam is!

A Muslim is someone who has accepted Islam, Like a Christian is someone who has accepted Christianity, therefore we do not call them Christianity but a Christian.

O and if it wasn't a true religion it wouldn't be one of the first most growing religion in the world!

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well i think u shud stick to wht u re as conversion would certainly not bring money instead it would worsen ur current situaution. u should pray & keep faut in god. good luck

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I have a question. Is it that in your society everyone has to belong to a religion? If you don't belong to a religion does that means you are ostracised?

I'm asking this, because it seems to me that what you make is more dependent on who you are. Here in the United States, despite religion everyone has the capability to succeed. If it that fewer choices are open to you because of your religion?

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it's your choice what you want to do but if your a muslim then you should have trust and patience in Allah (swt), changing your religion for money is like greed and wrong.. however if your having financial problems you should read your 5 daily prayers and ask for Allah (swt) guidance after all Allah (swt) is the most kind and gracious.. however you as a muslim should know how sinful it is to go back on your religion.

but always remember that Allah (swt) test's every individuals patience to see how he is going to react.

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I agree with bafalken. If you have problems and change your religion now to ease them, there's no guarantee that you'll get enough money to make them disappear. You may then change to another religion and another. Anyway the word Murtad should remind you that Muslims have no option in this regard, and you need to think a little deeper before making your decision.
PS Funmail if you want to discuss this any further.

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well I wouldn't change your religion for money if you really believe in it.
I personally think that muslim is NOT a TRUE RELIGION.
Go try a Baptist church for a few weeks.

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My name is abu bakar I have problem in my life for Mony so can I change my religion and I don't trusts for allah because same time praying allah help me butt that is not help me and I

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Changing in any other religion will help you nothing if you want it to change your god. But yes, people can pay you money I am sure at few places of the world to make you believe in their god. I am not an atheist yet I know that prayers, worships wont help you ever, no god in the world listen to prayers or fulfill these whether he is a christen god or muslim god or any other god. We all are just characters or cars in a computer game, (Yes but we must have been made by somebody may be any type of god) so gods feel no pain when HIS computer game car is crushed and HE feels no sympathy with it HE just plays. Name me any one god who always fulfils his believers wishes or who always loves his creations so much that he always saves his believers, whose believers never get sick or accident or get in problem !!! So what best you can do is focus what better and improved you can do in life, and try to trust your own efforts instead of rewards from gods.

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yes, i also would like to change my believe for money because i'm a destitute

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