Is it possible to change processors in a computer?

I have an HP Pavilion DV6 laptop, really nice machine, with an AMD A8 quad-core processor. I like the computer, but lately I’ve found it has been running like garbage like several other computers in my household with AMD processors. Some people love them, others hate them, I’d just like to try having a different processor in this machine to see if theres a difference in performance. Is this possible to change without too much modification? Or would I be better off buying a whole new computer?

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Answer #2

Yes, it is possible. But you can’t just buy any processor.

You need to find out exactly what type the processor (best is to find out product number and serial number) is and you need to know what socket it uses to connect to the main board. Then you can go to a computer store and ask whether there is a compatible processor available. If you are unsure about it, it is best to take the complete machine there and tell them that you want another processor.

But: Maybe the processor isn’t even the part that is slowing your machine.

If older computers are slowing down gradually, it is often because you don’t have enough RAM. Or because there are read- and write faults on the hard disk. Often happens when they’re older than 3 years. The HDs then try to read the faulty sector over and over again until they get it right. And that totally slows your system down.

Have the computer checked and diagnosed by a professional. Many computer stores offer check-ups.

Answer #3

Often laptops can not upgrade CPUs and if they can there are few options because chips that use more power, generate more heat, or run at unsupported voltages usually won’t work. Like Rotten said, you can upgrade RAM. Adding RAM usually makes your system more responsive. A faster hard drive may or may not make your system more responsive depending on where your bottleneck is. Also, it is good to back up your data, wipe your computer, and re-install the OS every few years. PCs through use pick up a lot of crapware, malware, register settings, etc that can slow it down. Professionals call this creeping software rot. I’ve seen computers that were almost unusable be zippy again after being wiped and reinstalled.

Answer #4

Agree with everything but the bit about hard disks. Dodgy sectors get marked as bad and remapped automatically. Hard drive performance usually doesn’t degrade over time unless the drive is literally in the process of failing completely.

Answer #5

The computer that I’m most concerned about hasn’t even been in use a year yet. I have 8GB of RAM and that should be plenty. I’m just mostly disappointed in how its gotten noticeably more like the other (older) computer with an AMD Processor. The older computer we got used and this one I bought brand new. I’m going to work at figuring out how to use ebay and hopefully get this thing to pay for itself so I can work towards getting another one, with a few more features I overlooked with buying this one.

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