how do you know what is your chakra?

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There isn't just one chakra for each person - we all have just need to learn how to open them.

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this is kinda neat

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body that correspond to nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column, as well as states of consciousness, developmental stages of life, archetypal elements, body functions, colors, sounds, and much, much more.

Together they form a profound formula for wholeness and a template for transformation.

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That's a tough question. If I had to pick a chakra, I can't imagine what I would pick.

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There is a show on, Avatar;The last Airbender titled, the Guru. The guru teaches the main charater, Aang, how to open his chakras. Watch the show. [link removed] is the link for the show.

is chakra real

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For Naruto Fans ONLY 2: What's the 6th Chakra Type?
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Thats the link copy ad paste but remove the spaces


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the last video is the show

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BTW just focus on the chakra part of the video

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in the vid just go to 4:50 thats when it starts

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then skip to 7:19 after the guru part ends again

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then skip to 7:19 after the guru part ends again

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7:19 to 10:40 then 12:28 to 13:35 then 14:24 to 17:20 then 18:00 to 19:14 then 19:48 to 21:18 then when aang finally opens the last chakra is at the link: http:/ /[link removed] tml without the spaces again,, the show is it the last video. when aang opens his last chakra is from 19:50 to 20:40 and that is it

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my answer is the best i think...

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