Did you know that cell phones will cook your brain?

Did you know that two cell phones operating on either side of an egg will cook the egg and the same thing is happening to your brain and eyes when it’s up next to your head?

Answer #1

you cant actually cook an egg with mobile phones

Answer #2

Quick Someone Get Monica away for the National enquirer before she finds the one about Elvis being alive and well in a nursing home and sharing a room with JFK!!!

Answer #3

This is my favorite Cellphone hoax. http://ww.snopes.com/autos/hazards/gasvapor.asp Now about the Cell phone radiation stuff I suggest you go to the FCC sire and check out the SAR’s links on Cell phones. . . if you can’t find it google it and also check out the “how stuuf works” website. . . After you can your Cellphone I suggest tossing your Microwave the Wireless phones and the Computer monitor. . . . Lots of Radiation there. Research before you cause a scare and see what the folks and there sponsers are selling ( Like Sars Sheilds) before for you Jump.

Answer #4

Really, they are both alive and well. Somewhere in Arizona. Sometimes Tupac visits.

Answer #5

aww thats a good idea im going to go try it lol!

Answer #6

You know what else, two woman were cooked to death in tanning beds, and there was a boy who died of an overdose from a needle found in the bottom of a ball pit, and what about the gang initiation where they cut off a little boy’s genitals in a Wal-Mart bathroom, oh, and…

Answer #7

Your welcome, let us know if we can help in any other way.

Answer #8

Did you know the power in your wireless home phone is at least 10 times more likely to do this than your Cellphone.

Answer #9

The fact that your newsletter makes such rediculous claims makes the whole thing dubious.

Answer #10

I took this information off of one of my eHealthy newsletters that I subscribe to . jim@mercola.com

Answer #11

Fantastic. Except that you can’t back that up with a link or any other evidence except your own words :-)

Answer #12

ok now im REALLY scared of cell phones…gee thanks :(

Answer #13

If we’re lucky it will cook your brain.

Answer #14

A microwave oven that can cook an egg uses hundreds of watts. A cell phone transmitter usually maxes out at about 1 watt. Also a microwave oven operates at frequencies that are more efficient for heating water.

There is ongoing debate about the safety of cell phones. Currently the best studies have made no link between cell phone radiation and cancer or brain damage. This does not guarantee that in the future no link will be found. Cell phones are a rather new product.

Answer #15

its like when people sayin usin your mobile can cause cancer it cnt cuase cancer and it cant cook eggs

Answer #16

This is to filletofspam. What’s the matter, you afraid of the truth.? I have read this several other places besides that newsletter. It’s really not ridiculous, but evidently you are a non-believer. I read the article over the phone to my son and he thought it was an excellent article. And he also agreed with the information. But each to his own.

Answer #17

oneheartnow, anyone can publish a newsletter. Both my wife and I have cell phones so if you have instructions on how to cook an egg with them I’ll be happy to try it.

Your Dr. Mercola sounds like a quack and the fact that your son also found the article credible only demonstrates the addage that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Conventional wisdom is that the amount of radiation absorbed from cell phones is not dangerous. There is some evidence to the contrary. There is anecdotal evidence like a gentleman who used a cell phone for hours every day and developed a very rare form of brain cancer. There are also studies that show higher incidents of various maladies from cell phone users than non-users. Neither of these are strong evidence. Correlation does not equal causation. It could be pure coincidence that the gentleman who used his cell phone much more than most also got a rare form of brain cancer. The fact that cell phone users have higher incidence of certain maladies does not mean that cell phones caused them; it could be that the type of person who tends to use cell phones is more likely to get these maladies for other reasons (e.g. more stressful life, longer work hours, worse diet, etc.).

It is certainly possible that cell phones cause health problems. The FCC has set their radiation guideliens for cell phones based on the best available science. If it does turn out that there is some danger to cell phones that we are missed than your Dr. Mercola will end up being a visionary. Then again even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Answer #18

I agree w/rnealw. I don’t agree w/a lot of things Dr Mercola has to say either. Saying you can get your water, in milk, soda or juice is “Hogwash” in my book. Juice you buy in jars at the store have so much presertatives in them , they are not really safe to drink, and milk & soda isn’t fit to drink, very very bad. I squeeze my fruit/veggies to get drinkable juice without any added sugar or salt. Doctor Norman Walker said you can get your water in all your Organic foods Raw Fruits & Vegetables. I myself haven’t drank water for 12 years. Everyone says you have to drink 8 glasses of water a day to live. Well that isn’t so.

Answer #19

i was reading some of Dr. Mercola Latest news on his web site and most of it was old news and some was based on in correct public reports like the “More water” one the actual report says that it doesn’t matter if the Water is in Juice, Milk, Soda or food as long as you get it. I think the good doctor likes riding on band Wagons.

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