Should a 15 year old have a cell phone?

Should a 15 year old have a cell phone? My dad thinks that only spoiled teens have cell phones, and if I get one I won’t appreciate anything else.. And yet my mom wants me to have one.. Arg, any tips?

Answer #1

Everyone I know has a cell phone now, and I’m the only one who doesn’t. I’m 16 years old, and I know how it feels to be pretty much the only one in my school who doesn’t have a cell. It’s actually amazing how many young people have cell phones now, it’s to the point where if you don’t people look at you like your nuts. (Haha whenever I tell people I don’t have a cell phone they always think I’m being sarcastic) because where I live it is unheard of. Honestly, I used to not even want a cell phone because I figured I wouldn’t really need it, until this year. Now I always need to borrow my friend’s phones to the point where it is completely frustrating. And everyone always asks me for my number so they can text me, and I have to say that I don’t have a cell, which is sort of embarrassing now. But I would think, if you really want one, and if you need it (such as, you do some activities where you’d need to talk to your parents at one point of another) then it probably would be much easier for you to get a cell phone. Because I know how dificult it is to either find a pay phone or try to find a friend in order to borrow their phones. Plus, if you just straight out want a cell phone just to talk to friends, that’s completely understandable. So, it’s mostly up to you. You should tell your dad this, and maybe he’ll then understand.

Answer #2

look @ the pros of havinq a phone.

Answer #3

12 year old should have cell phones, its not spoiling you, its a matter of them knowing where you are. if he really cared about you, he’d get you one. not for the fun, but for the safety. and texting is fun too ;)

Answer #4

Having a cellphone is safe, if something happens to you, then you have him right there. Use the “I will feel safer” method. And so what if your spoiled?haha I am and I love it, but that dosent mean you will turn into a greedy person, just a person with a cellphone.

Answer #5

Tell your dad that you need one incase you go somewhere and something happens. And that you dont always know someone around to use theirs. Just think of reasons and maybe he will understand.

Answer #6

thanks guys soo much! and zimmyzimmyzoomzoom, I know! its embarrassing being asked for your number and when you say no their like “thats funny, but really..” or “thats weird..” I’ve even been told that it was an excuse to not talk to someone lol. and my friends hate it when I ask to barrow theirs :P but I’m deff. gonna talk to him :)

Answer #7

I got my first cell about a month after I turned 15. I didn’t even want one, but my mom insisted I have one just in case something were to happen and I need to get in touch with her. It’s an old Nokia, and does everything I need it to (which would be to call my mom, LOL).

I agree with your dad to an extent. Most teens today are spoiled with their 300 dollar iPhones.

But above all, I think your mom is right and you do need a cell phone. It doesn’t have to have a camera and the ability to make pancakes while cleaning your room, but it is important that you can call a parent (or even 911) in case of an emergancy.

Answer #8

tell him if only spoiled teens have it then every single teen is spoiled! I mean tell him the good sides of having a cell phone! Tha advantages and also earn it!! Let him know that having a cell phone is just what is neede in case of any emegency or anathing like thAT AND TRY FOR YOUR MOM TO GIVE YOU AS MUCH SOPPORT AS POSSIBLE!

good lcuk!:)

Answer #9

I have one and I am 14

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