What's the best cell phone company in your opinion?

So far I’ve been with Telus and Virgin Mobile. Telus was great, Virgin Mobile really sucks D:

Answer #1

Well here I have t-mobile, but Verizon has great coverage.

Answer #2

i like Verizon because of the reception. i have reception everywhere i go. the phones are the best, but they are getting better but yeah i like verizon.

Answer #3

I have cricket, not the best in my opinion, my second would be Verizon, just because they have a good plan and all, and they have perty good service, but really I think they are just a game, all of them have some kind of catch to it, but if I had to choose Verizon is my choice.

Answer #4

I think it just depends on where you live. Here, in the country parts people tend to use Verizon but in town AT&T works the best..I use AT&T but I guess I wouldn’t know what’s the best considering I haven’t tried all the different brands yet.

Answer #5

i think revol.i mena it work good for meh

Answer #6

depends what ur looking for.. if service, i like Rogers or fido, i never have any dropped calls and i get service in really random places like underground and places other carriers dont get a signal through.. but there kind of expensive,, but theres a new company called wind i think, and its hellaaaa cheap, but i heard there are a lot of dropped calls, and bad service

Answer #7

I have t mobile and I love them, they work with u on payments to, like if u can’t pay everything at once they don’t mind :-)

Answer #8

Well I would look at the other post, I might us only 100 mins a month, I really don’t like the dang leash.

Answer #9

Well I have 8 t-mobile phones on my plan, and my bil is just under 300, so I would have to say it may be the cheapest.

Answer #10

I think revol/cricket is good as long as u will b in the general area

Answer #11

That a very cheap price for 8 phones :-)

Answer #12

Well I have 4 kids, me and my wife, and two employees.

Answer #13


Answer #14

Two of the kids are my sisters not mine, I just help her out.

Answer #15

i would say either t-mobile or Verizon

Answer #16

That’s cool to help

Answer #17

Verizon Or Cricket :]

Answer #18

verizon and sprint are battling it out att is really expensive t mobile i heard sucks… but its just wut i heard

Answer #19

verizon and sprint are battling it out att is really expensive t mobile i heard sucks… but its just wut i heard

Answer #20

verizon and sprint are battling it out att is really expensive t mobile i heard sucks… but its just wut i heard

Answer #21


Answer #22

i think verizon cuz its a great company…. i have broke my phone three times and i got a new one for free every time…they put a lot of hard work to do the best for there customers

Answer #23

I have been totally satisfied with Sprint. They are very helpful. Also if you feel like u have been overcharged or feel you are going to have a hard time paying your bill, or didn’t understand the correct charges when u signed up for something, they will ALWAYS work with you. Just be sure and call them if you have any kind of problem. They can’t help u, if they don’t know you are having a problem,

Answer #24

Hey Bud T-Mobile Emplyoees Do NOT Get Paid Enough For UR crap

Answer #25

sprint is amazing too.. i have the samsung intercept in pink.. sprint is way beter i agree

Answer #26

thank you so much for your input. Just telling you… my frend has t-mobile and she sed that she doesnt even have coverage in her area, and shed rather have no fone than hav tmobile. tell yur manager that. Im not here to listen to yur poop either so please stop going around like a no it all and be a happy person with yur job once in a while, ya no?

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