Why can't my burned cds play in my Honda car?

i used windows media player to burn the cds

Answer #1

thats probably why. theey probably corrupted when you put them in.

Answer #2

it could be the type of cds you used. i know my sister with her car she had to use a certain kind of cd or it wouldn’t play in her car. try on a different brand of cds.

Answer #3

Because Hondas are shitboxes.

But in all seriousness, the songs you burned onto your CD are likely in the wrong file format for your car’s CD player.

Try listening to your CD in someone else’s car or from a home stereo system. If it doesn’t work there either, there was probably a problem when burning the CD. You may need different software, a new CD burner, or a different type of blank CD.

Answer #4

ive not used wmp for years but i was sure as an anti piracy measure they made teh burning of songs via wmp only play on a pc.

youll need a different burner :p

Answer #5

depending on what deck you have in your car the newer decks seem not play burned discs because its something with the reader eye in the play best option get an ipod jack and play your tunes from there or it could be the type of CD-R you used and what program you used to burn the disc CD-RW work the best

Answer #6

Some car stereos dont recognize the code on burnt CDs because alot of burnt CDs are actually rewritten as MP3s or data disks. Either get a MP3 capable head unit or burn the CD as WMP file or similar.

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