Why is my cat urinating on furniture?

my cat started urinating on on bed 5 days in a row. I shut the door to keep her out. Now she is peeing on the couch what is wrong

Answer #1

I agree on the litterbox thing my cat will pee on my bed if I dont clean it. like for instance I usually clean it on tuesday because garbage day is wendsday and I was busy tuesday and just scooped instead of fully cleaning it on saturday night she urinated on my bed

Answer #2

my cat was doing that and we found out she had a kidney infection after it got treated she stopped doing that

Answer #3

She’s definately stressing out. Are there any other cats in the house??? i had a cat that lost her sight and pee’d on the bed and the couch, Get her to the vets for a check up first. Seems like she is losing her way. My cat lost her sight and we didn’t even realise, she was able to get around the house ok. Definately to the vets first.

Answer #4

I’ve read somewhere that if you don’t make sure to keep a cat’s litterbox clean, they wont want to use it. You see for them, it’s nicer to pee on the bed, or the couch, or even the carpet, because it will be cleaned up automatically. Why would they want to use the same messy litterbox? Even cats start to hate the smell of their litterbox after a while! Just try to keep things clean. I’m sorry if this didn’t help you much, it’s just something i’ve read about.

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Answer #6

this is a very serious medical cause if she went to it and peeed or if like she was trying to get to the litter box its different. You need to take her to the vet and its the medical problem I’m thinking of you will have to put her down :(

Answer #7

marking the spot.

thats what your cat is doing.

Answer #8

I have two male cats that constantly keep urinating in the sink and on all over our clean clothes in the laundry basket..they are both fixed and have been since they were young…this had been going on for a long time now and its getting extremely frustrating…there both indoor cats also…you could purposly leave a tshirt or article of clothing on the floor…you can be sure it will get pissed on in no time…litter box is clean…any ideas?? please email me. dukerulz01830@yahoo.com thanks guys and gals

Answer #9

There are so many different reasons why cats urinate & not in the litter box or other behaviours surface.

  1. check all medical/health issues
  2. de-stress your cat whatever it takes. It’s possible another cat could be either aggressive or preventing cat from using litter box etc so I would try isolating (if you can) the cat with their own litter, food etc. 2b) the other way to de-stress cats is lots & lots of “play” time where they have to chase the toy etc–this is huge impact on de-stressing cat 3)cats & kittens “can” be trained but you have to continuously put the effort in to get the rewards.

I have 9 rescued cats, 2 girls, rest boys. They range from 4 years to 2 years. I trained all the cats when they were kittens, no plants, no furniture (with firm loud NO & water gun) then placed them “every” time on the huge scratch post play stations. I also put cat nip on the scratchposts to make it inviting. I was consistent & followed through everytime, now as they are older, I have tons of fake plants, real plants, nic naks & other ornamental stuff, even the Xmas tree gets set up etc.

Sometimes, you have to be creative. Now that doesn’t mean my cats are perfect. Just this past year, we have recently had a problem with 1 either urinating whereever or marking wherever. We had this cat for 2 years before things started happening. At first, it was once every 6 months but over time it became even more frequent until it was almost every day. Did the urination test-negative. Vet suggested just isolating cat for awhile & see if he still does the same thing. Locked cat up in laundry room. Never had a problem since. So now we just keep that one cat in the laundry room (large room) with his own kitty litter, cat food etc & make sure we spend equal “play” time with him. Our cats are all indoor.

Answer #10

The other thing the vet said was you have to do the “process of elimination” which is why you do the medical testing first. If you google or read up on books in the library etc, it always says that once you start having behavioural problems, especially urinating etc, it’s a good chance the cat is trying to tell you something.

The other reasons that I have encountered if medical testing is negative, is the other cat(s). Something is happening when you are sleeping or at work or school etc. where one cat is dominating/aggressive to the other. This also includes scarying the cat so much that it fears to go to the litter box where he/she might get pounced by the other aggressor. This causes major stress. Cats can easily get very stressed & it will alter their behaviour quite significantly!! Cats DO NOT like any changes to their patterns or living environment. You can actually stress out a cat if you move furniture around or change the environment on them. You know your cat’s behaviour, pay attention to the small stuff, it all adds up.

Sometimes, you even have to start all over when introducing a new cat to a home, or if cats have been with each other for a long time & then all of a sudden fight, then separate them for awhile. And when I mean awhile, I mean a good month, not a day or two.

And of course, there is the jealousy factor. I have one cat that gets jealous if I pay too much attention to the others and not him. The other thing is if you have indoor cats, they are not necessarily getting the exercise they would if they were out & this could also cause irritation & unrest for “some” which means if they are bored or want to be more active & the activities are not available, they may start picking on the others who don’t necessarily want to play.

Anyways, process of elimination to determine what it is that is causing the behavioural problem and do your research. Read up on as much material, books, web sites like this, vet, etc etc. There is tons of information available. There is not always 1 answer for every situation but the resources may help lead you in the right direction.

Good luck everyone!

Answer #11

Think back to the day before your cat started acting up. What happened on that day. In most cases, there is a direct cause for the cat to act this way. For my wife and myself, we were about to spend some “mommy and daddy” time and we wanted the cat out of the bedroom. She sat outside the door crying the whole time. Once she got back in the beed room she jumped up on the bed and peed on my wife’s pillow. Then hid under my side of the bed.

The only things we could come up with was: It was my wife that put her out of the bedroom. We had used my wife’s side of the bed for our tryst For the next few days after that, the cat would hiss at my wife The cat wouldn’t leave me alone. Always on my lap or near me.

In simple terms the cat was jealous. It took a bit of doing, but my wife finally made it clear who the alpha female was in the house. The cat is a little bit more tolerant but still tests the authority of my wife.

Answer #12

Cats will do odd behavior trying to let you know they are sick. My Vet told me (when my cat walked up and peed right in front of me on the carpet) that one cat jumped up on her owners car when she was trying to pull out of the drive way and peed on the hood. All unrinary tract infections.

Answer #13

The above replies are all valid but iI think you should get your cat to the vet and get it’s kidneys checked using a urine sample.

Cats can suffer from polycystic kidney disease (PKD) which can cause unusual urination problems but the symptoms do not maifest until 80% kidney function is lost by which time it may be too late for the cat. I hope it’s not this, obviously and go along with the litter tray / jealousy theory myself but you can never be too careful.

You need to wash all of the bedding and couch in a biological solution (or dump the furniture) and us a product called Urine Off to stop a re-occurance.

Answer #14

I rescued a 4 month old cat and his wee’d on the sofa 3 times now, I have had him for 2 weeks now and lastnight was the turning point he pissed right in front of my daughter as she was sitting next to him, my other kitty has never done this I’ve had her for 5 months now and she is so clean. Each time his done this I take the throw off and wash it and wash the leather down. I made him sleep in the garden lastnight. I was thinking of locking him in the bathroom for a week with his food litter box and bed maybe this will teach him a lesson?

Answer #15

I Have taken my cat to the vet.There is nothing medically wrong with the cat.I have changed his litter boxes,got new ones and a new brand of litter. Still urination on the bed. Help

Answer #16

my cat won’t stop spraying. he is neutred but still puts his tail up and twitches it while a jet stream shoots out and hits the target. the target used to be just a car or a shrub…but lately it seems like he is doing it everywhere - even in the house. I get so frustrated and I don’t know how to stop him from doing it.

Answer #17

How old is she…??? (please reply)

Answer #18

get rid of the cat

Answer #19

I have 3 female cats, all about the age of 4. My boyfriend and I got 2 of them from a shelter, and the other one was a kitten who was lost in an alley. She is the one I am having the problems with. She has ruined 2 couches of ours (the new one is actually coming tonight) and I will be damned if she ruins this one! I’m so frustrated because there is nothing medically wrong with her, the 2 litter boxes are cleaned regularly and she receives equal treatment amongst the other cats. She also does this “crying” every night…She’ll howl and bring “presents” to me when were going to bed. I don’t know what to do about it…Anyone have any suggestions? HELP!

Answer #20

we left for disneyland for 3 days. my oldest son was here, but has never paid attention to our cat. he usually sleeps in the bed with me and my 4 yr old. so while we were gone, he peed on clothes and the carpet and a recliner. it has taken some lock down in the bathroom with his litter box and some much needed attention to him but he has begun using the box again. we just figured he was stressed from us leaving him for those couple of days. cats cant talk, so I guess thats the only way to get his point across that he was pissed off. LOL p.s. his point was well taken, since his pee stinks horrible!

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