Can you cash out your points by check if you live in canada?

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Im almost positive that anywhere outside of the US requires you recieve your money through paypal.

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Oh okay thank you.

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No, it says in #22 of the FAQ's "Note: Cheques can only be issued to locations within the United States - to receive cash internationally, you will require a PayPal account." -

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Do you know if they will be changing that anytime soon? I'm not old enough to have a paypal account and my parents don't have one.

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I really doubt they will be changing it, but I am not positive. Perhaps you could ask one of your parents to make one for you to use. That's what I did when I wanted a PayPal account.

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It won't be changing...the reason being, is that FunAdvice deals with the Bank of America, and to start sending money internationally, it's too much hassle.

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Okay thanks, I looked up more about paypal and I think I'll try and convince my mom to get that.

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