why is it that in money from FA we can only cash out from up to 366 points?

That sucks cause I have more than that and I want all the money. Is it like that for everyone on here

Answer #1

Or should I say why can we only cash out 100 less points than we already have

Answer #2

I have $90.00 and it says my max is $80.60. Maybe it’s just so we don’t loose all our privileges and such, so we aren’t sitting at zero points?

Answer #3

Oh yeah, if you have less than a certain amount of points you get disabled.

Answer #4

I’m being slow today sorry what do you mean by not losing our priviledges? Yeah I just realized you can only cash out 100 points less than you already have

Answer #5

Wow i didnt even know this was in effect yet….i can cash out for $224. That could pay my late cable bill and get my cable turned back on lol.

Answer #6

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I have like 1,648 points or something like that, and it says I have $164.00.

Answer #7

lol yeah if you go to where it shows the points and all that it explains what you have to do to get the money and how to cash it out and all

Answer #8

Where does it say ‘’cash out’’? I didn’t know it was in effect, either.. That can take care of my cell phone bill…….. for two months lol..

Answer #9

Yeah, I can’t find that either.

Answer #10

You know when you go to your profile and to the right it shows how many points you have and under it says ‘my points’? Yeah click there and then you’ll know what I’m talking about

Answer #11

Yeah, like you might not be able o funmail people and such if you fell below that.

Answer #12

All it shows is the points I was awarded and the thing about how to earn points.

Answer #13

Really? Maybe it’s because you have to have a certain amount of points for it to show that

Answer #14

I found it! I can cash out 81 dollars.. :)

Answer #15

Pretty good system, members receiving money without doing anything hard….Wish they had some charity organisations lined up so we can donate our points to them instead of keeping it.

Answer #16

As already stated - you need to retain at least 100 points to keep all your privileges…that’s why you can’t go under 100 points when cashing out.

Answer #17

Yeah I pretty much understand that. Sucks that the points will go down once you get the money lol. Thanks!

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