Whats fun to do on my 24th birthday?

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go out with friends have a party with drunk games(if you drink)
road trip!

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go out shopping for summit amazing to wear in the day, then party with a huge group of mates in the night and maybe try and pull if you're single.

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Lots of fun to be had, possibilities;

-Big night out- fancy dress? Themed night, Indian, Chinese, Italian ect.
-Shopping trip to a big city there you can shop all day or sight see and other activities
-Cinema an drinks after
-Meals out/take away
-Ice skating ( brilliant fun!)
-Adult only weekends- my mums been on some are says it's brilliant as there no kids to get stressed over!)
-House party
-Go carting
-Make-over/ spa experience ( you can usually get girly/ spa weekend trips for two in magazines and newspapers)
-Photo experience ( were you get all your hair and makeup done and then get a photo shoot- supposedly brilliant and a great confidence boost too)

Hope this helped :)

What to do for my 14th birthday party?
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girl if you got friend or boyfriend go out

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-Go bar hopping
-Get a tattoo
-Weekend Get-a-way
-Old Fashioned Slumber Party (I'm 23 and me and my girlfriends still have them)
-Have a BBQ and invite all of your family and friends
-Theme Park
-Water Park
-Pool Party
-Go Bowling
-Go to the Zoo
-Pool Hall - join a tournament
-A Cruise
-Spa day with all your friends

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