Is canada's censorship going too far by banishing the novel "the golden mean" from store bookshelves?

The novel, written by Annabel Lyon, outlining the childhood of Alexander the Great, depicts a photo on the front cover of a naked man lying on a horse. In my opinion, the photo was tastefully done and artistic. What do you think?

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Lmao XD Well, maybe they should change the cover picture or something, cuz like, what if little kids see it O: but i don't think it should be taken off the shelves unless it's like, about naked men or something D:

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The photo only shows his behind...nothing too graphic

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I dont think it should be banned simply because an artistic photo of a naked man was on the cover of a book. Censoring art to me is wrong, whats next taking pictures out of sexual education books, banning them all together? Seems like a silly reason to ban a book.

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Oh, well then who cares? Everyones seen an ass lol, that doesn't really matter. Plus there's tons of DETAILED paintings of like naked women in the art gallery where I live lol and those are still displayed so I don't see why a picture of a dudes butt is bad.

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I hate that nudity is so taboo, when every single person is nude under their clothes... it is who we are, why does it always have to be censored and seen as "dirty?" I've no idea what the book is about, but I see nothing wrong with the cover picture

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thats a bit too far you done even see anything really XD


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Really? Canada? I always thought of Canada as being less provincial than the lower 48.

Growing up on the Canadian boarder I remember building TV antennas as a lad to pull in Canadian stations to watch soft-core and uncensored Bennie Hill with nudity (albeit brief).

I remember Bush and Ashcroft ordering drapes to cover a partially nude statue at the Department of Justice because the sight of an exposed breast was too racy for them even on a statue. I really thought Canada was better than this.

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This seems like a terrible idea honestly. I'm sure there are plenty of books with partial nudity on the cover, if they start banning more I'm going to get kind of ticked. I love buying books.

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with business the don't care about you or kids or or or,,,,

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