Can you spare a few minutes to give your opinion about our service?

This is my biggest irritant with companies these days. I bought from them, I'm on the do not call list, BUT, they still call me up and ask for my opinion on the service I received. No, I can't spare five minutes to talk to you. Yes, I did have a job doing just that in college, and I totally understand how hard it is to call people and ask them for their time.

Is it just me, or do you feel the companies that do this to their customers are somewhat close to scum?

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I always feel bad for the people on the phone, but yeah the companies annoy me to no end!

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I agree. I think it's not really customer service. It's pure marketing. Is there a loophole in the Do Not Call system... ? I know that Canada is slow to get this program in order and one of the sticky points is JUST that. That there's this horrible grey area where your bank can call you because you're a customer already and they really want you to upgrade your services. Money money money.

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yeah I agree totally with u...about how companies treat their costomers!!

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Do you get paid to do this job, or are you just a volunteer?

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Yes, I agree.
I feel sorry for the people who have to call though. I used to work at a call center calling people offering them a credit card and some of the reactions from people are just horrible. Several people threatened to kill me, sue me, etc. just for calling their house. Its horrible, I think I got called every name in the book doing that job. So, try and be as nice as possible because they really do have a tough job. Politely ask them to take you off their calling list, and they probley will.

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I know exactly how you feel! I worked for a company calling people about their services. I felt so bad calling people, but they always kept reminding me that once they signed on for their services they agreed to get calls from the company about special offers and their services. I guess people didn't read the fine print. But I'm glad that they have to options to be put on the do not call list, I actually put my name on the national do not call list and I haven't gotten a call in a while.

I don't agree with the company calling the people every night until the customers decide to talk to them... if they really want an opinion I would rather them send me something in the mail to return.

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do you remember that funny seinfeld episode where the salesman calls him at home? seinfeld tells him that he is busy but that he would love to talk to him about the product and asks for the guy's number. the guy replies that he can't do that. seinfeld asks why and the guy says that he doesn't want to be called at home and seinfeld says "now you know how I feel" and hangs up.
really funny.
I don't mind the nice callers but the ones that are aggressive really irritate me.

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omg they are so annoying - usually they call me for new mobile offers ///\\\ dont really like that ,cause I told them already few times not and they still do it.

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