What is too much free service for consulting?

I give my customers 2 hours of free consulting on each one of their new projects, am I giving to much?

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Maybe you can vary it depending on the size of the project. Generally speaking, 60-90 mins should be sufficient

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I think 2 hours is too much. Your time is important and you should not be working for free. I would suggest cutting it half and giving an hour of free consulting.

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Well projects can vary between a week to a few months, but they are few and far between,

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I am looking into other things as well, the bad thing is I am a company owner that hates to give his customers the bill. This is why I delegate this to someone else to ask for the money.

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well. i know lawyers give just 30 min consulting but i would have to say 3omin - 1hr

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if they are few and far between i guess its a good thing to have 2 hours of consulting....
greater chance of success and by the end of it the client will feel "acquainted" and thus enabling you to go tell that other guy to collect some cash :3

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