Can you overcharge your cellphone?

I usually put my cell on the charger when I’m at home and I’m not using so it’ll always be charged in case of an emergency. My friend told me that if you over charge them it could hurt them in some way.

I just figured once they were done charging, it stopped charging. Anyone know about this? Cell phones cost too much for me to be damaging mine.

Answer #1

yes you can overcharge your cellphhone no it will not explode.

Answer #2

No it should stop charging when fully charged unless the battery is bad.

Answer #3

Okay, great thanks!

Answer #4

Different cell phones have different kinds fo batteries.

In general cell phone chargers automatically turn themselves off when the battery is fully charged. The battery pyrotechnics 8ball describes are rare and related to certain poorly designed or made batteries or chargers.

If you have NiCd or NiMH it is best to fully charge the battery and then as close to pracitcal fully discharge it. Nickle based batteries suffer from “memory effect” where if you never allow them to fully discharge they loose the ability to.

If you have Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery than it will last longest if you keep it around half charged as much as possible. These batteries do best with partial charges and discharges. Ocassionally you should fully charge and discharge them because the battery meter in your phone determines the % charge based on how long it lasts historically so doing a full cycle every month or so allows your phone to recalibrate the battery meter. Lithium batteries also last longest if they are kept cool so if you won’t use your battery for a while you can put it in a plastic bag and store it in your fridge.

Car chargers usually are rapid chargers that use higher current than the ones that plug into the wall. Save your car charger for emergencies and charge your phone at home whenever possible.

Answer #5

yeah shes right, there is such thing as overcharging. a lot of people keep their phone charged overnight. and thats a killer. it burns your battery and it makes your battery life ALOOOT shorter than it was to begin with. so dont over charge. when you charge it, right when it tells you that its done charging take it out right away a lot of people also think that over charging will give you more battery life. SO NOT TRUE. its a killer especially for motorola cell phones! trust me! its happened to all my razors bc I thought I was so smart to think that I would get more battery life if I charged it over night..

Answer #6

Cell phones are powered by a lithium polymer battery cell and they are very sensitive to overcharging and can explode! There are some nasty stories of cell phones exploding on the internet and causing serious injuries and even death. I build micro rc helicopters that use the same type of battery and I know that they are volatile batteries. But your phone should be ok because the phone automatically detects when the battery is charged and will stop charging. But if your phone has been dropped or misused then it may not stop charging and explode.

Answer #7

It should not be a problem as long as it is a current model and not something thats 10 years old. If there is a problem usually with the battery and your phone the screen on your phone will either go black and still work or go white. They are finding with the LG phones that this is occuring and they are reordering most of their phones

Answer #8

most cell phone batteries can in fact be over-charged. though they most likely will not explode, they will lose life over time or die completely . If you notice that your charged battery doesnt last as long as it used to, most likely your charging it too long.

Answer #9

overcharging will kill battery life.

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