How to get my hair blonde without it turning orange?

I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair blonde 4 a while now…but I have naturally very dark brown hair…I recently had some blonde hightlights put through my hair but they came out bright orange!!! as you can imagine this wasnt quite the look I was going for!can anyone tell me how I can get my hair blonde without it going orange?? thanx. x x

Did you get an answer for that, because I’ve got blonde streaks and really want to go blonde too, email me at thanks Jaydee xx

Answer #1

Well, as I write this right the current color of my hair right now a slight strawberry blonde. I started out JET BLACK ,the balckest color that your hair could be. I decided that I wanted a change it to blonde. Black just wasn’t doing it for me. So, first I went to a professional whom I had been going to for 10 years and told her that I wanted to go to a dark blonde, something like ash. she told me that it would not be easy, and that it would take time. BUT SHE DID NOT TELL ME SHE WAS GOING TO TURN IT ORANGE. That was horrible. and not to mention on the top part of my hed a had a blonde band by my roots, which formed because that was the part of hair where the black had grown out so there was no black die that she had to go over and when she put the die on it it turned it orange(which is where the hair took differently to the die, hence orange) when I went home I cried told myself I would just hide out forever. not to mention that it was goign to cost a fortuen to have my hair dresser just contince to make my hair more orange everytime I went to her, and that just seems like a waste of money. then thought HM why dont I just fix this myself so I went to a Sally Beauty Store and bought a bucket of bleach and 40 Volume developer, mixed them together like the drecktions said. and trust me, it was a lot cheaper than 100$ the only thing I can tell you while bleaching hair is BE CAREFUL and do not evere ever ever put bleach on the roots of your hair, ALWAYS stay at least one inch from your scalp. Anyways,becuse I am a carzy person I bleached my ownn hair about 3 times within one month. and now im at a strawbery blonde. I’m going to wait a little while to bleach it again for fear it may damage my hair. I guess I am writing this to be a help, and to ask for help. Dose anyone know what I can do to get to my desired goal of ash brown any other way than bleaching it?and is it even possible considering my color now is sometihgn of a yellow with a slight tint or strawberry to it

Answer #2

the best way I find to get blonde hair from a dark colour is first lighten/bleach your hair and if it goes bright orange (like mine usually does) I just use a temporary hair dye like stargazer straight after bleaching. yeah, you do have to have a funky colour in your hair for a while but after about a month if you bleach your hair again it should be practically blonde (: I have done this a few times and im currently doing it again (: my hairs bright purple at the moment hehe. just make sure you use a lot of conditioner between each time you bleach your hair and leave it on for about 15mins (: hope I helped xo

Answer #3

For the poster who was asking about getting your hair to an ash brown: First, not all colorists are created equal. In fact, suffering color disasters myself was the reason I went to cosmetology school! Now, I have a few question for you. What is you natural color? What have you had done to your hair in the past SIX months(color, bleach, any chemical treatments, etc.)? Knowing this will enable me to answer your question.

Answer #4

I would suggest start by going light brown. then work your way lighter. that way your hair can just do it “naturally”(lol). doing it this way,it wont go orange. and who knows, you may like just a lighter brown. (:

Answer #5

Hi! Did you get to achieve blonde without going to the hairdresser? I saw your question about how to become blonde without turning orange. Sadly I can say that the orange carrot colour doesn’t exactly enchance my face and it would be great if you could give me some advice if you got to find out what to do..

Answer #6

Here is the thing, and I am not exactly who I am answering, but hopefully whoever is asking will see this repsonse.

There are a couple of ways to achieve lightened hair that is not orange. For very dark brown hair I am afraid professional bleach will have to be used for the best results. People don’t like to hear the word “bleach” when it comes to hair, but in salons, there are products that contain peroxide and it used for bleaching hair. It is usually termed as “lightening” the hair. Stylists know what they are doing, though, so don’t be fearful of the infamous bleaching. The key is to leave the product on the hair long enough for the hair to go through all the stages of lightening. Removing the product too soon causes the orange you are seeing. Don’t be tempted to take the lightener off for fear of damaging your hair. Today’s products are wonderful and a lot of them stop working after a period of time anyway.

Another way to have your colored blonde is actually using color. Depending on how dark your hair is and if you have color on it, a higher volume of developer will need to be used. This process is not as harsh as bleaching. But sometimes it can still leave a touch of brassiness. Usually a violet pigment used as a toner will take care of that and using an actual purple shampoo. Your hair will not turn purple. Purple is pretty, though. Seriously, to lighten dark hair, you actually take that color out of your hair. Even using color instead of bleach still removes color from your hair. Unless you are going darker. Developer is peroxide and it activates the color. The strength of the developer determines how much pigment is removed before depositing color. Go to the salon to have this done. Do not buy something from the store because what you see on the box, may not be the color you get! If you are sensitive to products on your head, here are some tips before you color: -Do not start with clean hair. -If you wash your hair the night before you plan to color, DO NOT scrub your scalp. -Very gently massage your scalp. -Make sure you do not have any sores on your scalp. This could be a mosquito bite, a pimple, a scratch, these things will be irritated by the products. -Do not brush your hair with a fiercenss before you plan to color. Gently comb out your tangles. The main thing is to not irritate your scalp before you do anything to your hair.

Good luck.

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