Can you get pregnant without having any kind of sexual intercourse?

`I was vommiting and had stomache aches. My mom took me to the emergancy room and they took some test with my urine and my blood. Abotu 3 hours later the doctor told me I was pregnant. The thing is that I'm still a virgin. I have never had sex in my entire life. No oral, fingering or anything. So I just need to know how you get pregnant because I have never experienced sexual intercourse of any kind! They told my mom to take me to the ft.bliss clinic after 48 hours because it would have doubbled. Im 15 and have never had sex.. So I just need some one to help me understand!!!

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Could your mind be blocking the actual sex act because it was an act of violence?

Did you attended a party recently or where alone with a boy anywhere like in a car? Were you alone with a male anywhere, I mean any male in an office or someplace not necessarily a boyfriend.

I think you are a victim of the date rape drug. This drug will give you amnesia and maybe that is why you don't remember.

Sperm only live outside the body on wet semen for 1 hour and then it will have to reach your cervix, so you either had sex, you are the new virgin Mary, or you visited a fertility clinic and got inseminated.

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you cant get pregnant without sperm
a few other things that could have done it are
a male ejaculated ON your vagina, not in it, as sperm can leak down and swim in it
a male had semen on his finger and fingered you
you gave a guy a hand job, he got pre-cum and/or ejaculate on you and you touched/fingered your vagina
you used someone elses sex toy
also, maybe something else happened, perhaps you were at a party drinking and had your drink spiked then passed out and were taken advantage of?

Can you become pregnant without intercourse?
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There is something you aren't telling us here, girls don't get pregnant out of the blue.

Did you ever come in contact with male ejaculation? If so was it anywhere near your vagina? Thats a likely cause of you being pregnant.

Look you don't have to have intercourse to be pregnant. If male ejaculation happened to be anywhere near your genitals then their IS A POSSIBILITY. Oh and its not limited to male ejaculation only, precum is also included in this. Its known to have sperm cells in it. Coming into contact with that can also get you pregnant

First Time Sexual Intercourse
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Well there's actually a 1 in several million chance that two eggs fused together and made a zygote. It never happens, but it's possible. If you're being completely honest with us, someone probably gave you roofies. You may have been date-raped. If in fact you are pregnant, get a DNA test of the baby, if there's anyone you may know to possibly be the father, test them.

Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend had a drop of sperm on his finger and he fingered me with it?
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no... you have to have a penis ejaculate inside of your vagina to become pregnant. it's something else..

Can you get pregnant from having unprotected sex on your period?
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O no!

There is no way... you are pregnet because you had sex...
You masterbated whit someones else sex toys or s guy orecumed on you

Your mistake honey..,

What are the chances of being pregnant when you use a condom?
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unless a male has ejaculated inside your vagina, or a males sperm has gotten inside your vagina, you're fine.


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