Can you cry under water?

Can you cry under water?... Well can you???

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it does.. I got kicked in the face in a pool once and my eyes started to tear up (it was a big kick) so yeah you can, just just can't see it because, well your under water and everythings wet as tears are, so thers your answer

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aha never really thought about it, you can, I've cried under water lol you just can't tell

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Now, that's a question worth finding the answer to. Unfortunately, I doubt you ever will truly know. Why not experiment next time you bathe. Thinking of the saddest thing you can may flood a deep sense of emotion while submerged in the water. If you feel sadder coming up for air than I'm sure you've cried.

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I swear on my mother I just tried... and no you cant

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Probably never be able to tell : ]
I doubt you could though.

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How could you tell?

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Thats what I'm asking ;)

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