Can a planet float on water?

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just got to work on the same principle as any other object floating on water, look at its overall density and work out weather it is denser that water
the gas giants would be the prime candidates, most of the solid ones being rock or metal, wouldn't be able to
and you would need a LOT of water :p

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If you had enough water and the right planet, yes. Saturn has such a low density, for instance, that if you had a pool big enough and dropped the planet in, it would bob on the surface. Mercury, on the other hand, would drop like a stone, being mostly a ball of metal.

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depends if its fresh, if its like a fresh apple it will float but if its like a old apple itwill sink. naw im only kidding I dont have a clue lol

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the volume of the water would have to be an unimagenabley time greater than that of the planet and even more so with the higher the density of the planet.

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saturn can

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Depends on the planets density... I think SATURN would float, if you could find an ocean that was both wide and deep enough.

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I do not think so

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