Can someone help me with Twilight?

Ok so I dont want to read the Twilight books !! Can someone summarize to me what happens in all the books, Please and Thank you.

Answer #1

ok well Twilight-Bella falls for Edward a vampire New Moon-Edward leaves and Jacob a werewolf starts liking and hanging out with Bella but Edward comes back. Eclipse-war between vampires and werewolves but a vampire and an army of new vampires are comming for Bella because in the first book Edward kills this vampire’s mate,werewolves and vampires jointemperarraly so they can keep a vampire army away from the town. Breaking Dawn-Bella and Edward get married, go to honeymoon have intercourse and when Bella is going through her siutcase she finds a box of tampons and finds out she’s prego. go back home and Bella has a baby but becomes a vampire to save herself from dieing. evil vampires from Italy come to distroy the baby because they think that the baby was created not born. vampire friends come to help good vampires and werewolves help too. they defeate evil Italian vampires and live happily ever after.

Answer #2

ummm okay I will try but only a little bit…okay so the first book bella moves from pheonix to forks washington and she lives with her dad and she goes to school and edward is in her science class and he tenses up because her scent is very strong to him and irresistabel.She thinks that he hates her for some reason but he comes back and talk to her and they hang out and she has this friend that his father is friends with her dad charlie and jacob the friend tell her about an old quilulette tale about how his ancestors are supposed to be shapeshifter that turn to warewolves and that vampires killed them so they are supposed to have a pack with the cullens edwards family that they cannot kill humans in that area but culllens only eat animals anyways. she figures out edward is a vampire..they start to go out they are playing baseball one day when three other vampires come into the field and one fo them is a tracker and he is with victoria so bella leaves for pheonix and james the tracker finds her and they kill him and victoria sets out for revenge…the next book new moon is about bella and jacobs relationship…edward leaves bella because he doesnt feel that it is safe for her with him around. jacob starts to like bella but bella is missing edward like crasy and realizes that if she gets herself in danger then she can hear edward so she keeps try to get hurt…alice cullen one of the vampires can see some of the fututre so she watches bella but when bella is with jacob she cant really see her. bella jumps off a cliff to go cliff diving because thats what jacob and her were supposed to do that day…alice just sees her jumping off and nothing else so she tells rosalie another cullen that hates bella and rosalie tells edward and he doesnt want to live in a world without bella so he goes to italy to see the volutire who are the head vampires and wants them to kill him so alice and bella go and save him but they tell bella that she needs to become a vampire soon or they will kill her…eclipse is just bella and edward back together and jacob trying to get with bella and jacob kisses her at one point and she loves him as well but jacob more and victoria comes back and they all prepare even the wolves get involves and oh jacob became a wolf in the second book and they kill victoria…in breaking dawn edward and bella get married and they go to esme island..esme is the mom and bella gets pregnant…but since edward is a vampire bella becomes pregnant very fast and the baby almost kills her before they realzie it needs blood so bella drinks the blood and before the baby is born edward bites her several times and she becomes a vampire and renessme the baby grows very quickly and within three months she looks like a 3 year old but id very smart…she cannot bite someone and kill them and she touches someone and they can see what she has seen. edward reads minds, and bella is like a shield noone can use their power on her but not all vampires have powers…the three vampires I mentions…one of them was killed in the second book and his somewhat lover comes back and she sees renessme from a distance and tells the volutire because vampires cannot produce child vampires because it is dangerous they prepare for the attack…alice and her boy leaves as part fothe plan but noone knows that and everyone gets vampires they knwo to come and help and they pretty much all stand in a field on opposties sides and discuss renesseme for a while trying to prove she is not dangerous and all but the volutire keep trying to find reasons to kill them off anyways but they dont and there is no fight they just kill the lover who told them and thats really it.

Answer #3

if you go to wikipedia and search each book, it will tell you from beggining to end. wiki is usually not the best place to search for stuff but it did pretty good for the twilight books

Answer #4

Twilight (going with book and movie) 1)a girl falls in love with a vampire 2)she becomes pray to another vampire 3)fight between vampires 4)girl wakes up in hospital only going to put one I hate twilight so not going to put to much on here

Answer #5

why do you care what twilight’s about if you’re not bothered to read the book?

Answer #6

read the books! please

Answer #7

Much better thank you

Answer #8

Ok I need a more descriptive answer . Thank you

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