Can i afford to buy a house?

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What, the street not good enough for you???


Don't care that this post is a Novemquinquagintillion years old.

I'm feeling vindictive!!

I'm so evil!

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How should we know?
Find the house you wonna buy, and see if you can aford it (pay it).

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I dont know, can you?

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I don't know, how much money you have?

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NO...if you want you can go in a apartment or rent

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I don't know can u??? go 2 the bank and see if you can afford a house you like! How much money do you have?? guess you were bored or sumthing...

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if you don't know if you can... how should we

What would you suggest me to buy?
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dont will cost more long term...perhaps rent to buy...mortagige would be satisfactory...but to fully BUY you need a minimum of something like 75 thousand POUND in england...and that will be a small 2-3 bedroom house rouphly

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Yes. Go for it.

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If you *know* you have the right amount of money AND can afford to pay all the bills that come with the house, if you're able to do that, buy yourself a house.

Did we really need the government stimulus to incentive people to buy houses?

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