Can a Canadian buy a house in the States?

I want to buy a house in the states but im canadian can I do this I dont mean be a citizen I mean just own a property I am back and forth once a week into canada so im not worried about that part just wonering if I can get a loan and through who?

Answer #1

I am a licensed realtor in Arizona. Yes you can buy property in the U.S. If you’re purchasing with cash, it’s pretty simple. A licensed realtor will take you through the steps. If you need a loan, you will want to speak with a lender prior to shopping for a home. You may need alternative credit which the lender will help you with. A local lender I use here in Casa Grande, AZ is Cheryl Barber with Windsor Capital 520-560-2109 or

Purchasing a home in the U.S. is not usually an issue Canadians find concern with. If you ever sell the home, you’ll have a Federal Tax you’ll have to pay. You will want to contact a tax advisor for more information. I use Caryn at CHS Tax & Business Services 480-491-6300 or her website at

My name is Jennifer Srock. You can find me at

Answer #2

You can definitely buy a house. Right now, Canadians are very active in many major U.S. real estate markets, including California, Florida, and New York. As to financing, it depends on what, if any, your immigration status in the U.S. is. If you have a green card or are an H-1 worker and thus have a U.S. Social Security number and verifiable income in the U.S., American bankers most likely won’t care if you are a U.S. citizen or not. If not, your best bet is to seek financing in Canada from a large bank that does a lot of business in the U.S.

Note also that there are at least two groups of issues you need to consider: taxation and the impact on your immigration status. Each is a complicated topic, so be sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into…

Answer #3

probably. . . . you will have to check with the local authority in the area you seek to buy the home.

Answer #4

yes probly not with credit though

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