Can he tell i'm a virgin when he fingers me?

When he fingers inside me, can he tell by how tight I am, that im a virgin? Is this a turn on or off

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well I guess he can tell if you're a virgin or not.
because he is feeling how tight/loose you are.
but just like cutiergirl523 said, to some guys virgins are a big turn on, and others just could care less.

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cud go either way...depends on wut he likes...some guys love virgins and some reely dont give a f*ck

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yes because it hurt's a lot

love rere444

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Yes he probably can tell, BUT if you've been fingered before then it would feel the same (your vagina) as if you've had sex, normally guys prefer tight vaginas as it creates better orgasms during sex

Fingering- virginity

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